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Bits from Gordon Hayward Interview, 3/14

March 15, 2013
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gordon dad tweetsTweets from Gordon Hayward’s dad: Did he forget the dash in “Insani-Ty”?

On the loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder
We just didn’t bring it. For whatever reason, we didn’t compete with them, and that’s unacceptable.

Breaking down the loss
Well, you know, one of the reasons why we were forced into outside jump shots is because when you allow them to kinda dictate what we were going to do with our offense, you know, they pressured us pretty well and you know, got us catching the ball way out at the three-point line, and our bigs were catching the ball way outside on the block.

And we ended up in a lot of situations where, you know, there’s four, five seconds left on the shot clock and you know, we have our [bigs] with the ball on the three-point line, so you know, it’s on us of making sure that, you know, we’re physical and tough with our cuts and getting the ball where it needs to be.

On losing streaks
Now’s the time when we really gotta pull together as a team. You know, our leadership, the veterans have to pull it together and our younger guys, we need to follow them and you know, make sure that we’re doing everything we can so that we’re prepared for the next game.

Whether that’s getting extra shots, studying a little more film, ’cause it is our job. It’s our job to get these wins, and so we gotta treat it as such.

How is the relationship between Tyrone Corbin and the players?
[pause] Well… [pause] …You know, I think that we understand what he’s trying to say. You know, it’s really not that complicated and we can probably say it ourselves.

Has there been any talk of lineup changes?
You know, I don’t know what to expect. And honestly, that’s nothing that I can control. So it’s not something I really worry about. I think what we can all control, though, is how we play when we’re out there on the court, and you know, that’s just gotta be better.

Do you feel like Corbin playing you 18 straight minutes at the end of games is not the best way to go?
You know, I think in some of the closer games, you know, you do get a little winded.

But we have a lot of timeouts, and you know, a lot of media timeouts that you have to have, and so, I’m not going to make any excuses or anything to say that was the cause. So, you know, I should’ve just got the job done.

Can Jeremy Evans be a rotation player?
I believe wholeheartedly in Jeremy Evans as a player, and he does extremely well in practice for us, just with the energy and the stuff that he brings that not all the time show up on the stat sheet.

And it seems like, you know, for me, every time he gets there out there on the court, he usually does well. You know, it’s just the problem of a lot of depth.

On the Miami Heat
They’re playing extremely focused, you know? Everyone kinda knows their role, and is doing their role, and when you got all five guys on the court and then also, you know, guys coming off the bench playing their role, it’s, teams are tough to stop when they’re doing that. (1280)

Maybe it’s just me, but there seemed to be a “unlike the Jazz” undertone to that answer…

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  1. March 15, 2013 10:21 pm

    The thing that kind of weirds me our is that several of these questions are exactly ones that reckless boggers would be posing. The ones about 18-straight minutes and Jeremy Evans, Genuine NBA Rotation Player in particular seem like they have come directly from me.

    • March 15, 2013 11:12 pm

      Yes, but reckless boggers are so unpredictable and reckless whereas the 1280 guys are not. The segment closed with Checketts concluding that Corbin deserves tremendous credit for keeping the locker room together and that despite all the free agents and young guys wanting minutes, there is no sign of dissension.


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