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Game 62 Jazz at Bulls: Aw Nuts.

March 9, 2013

This game, in a nutshell (bad pun intended):


** Tyrone Corbin, post-game mix tape: The positive thing, we were in position to win the game…We gotta continue to work…We’ll continue to work…We’re disappointed, but you know, we understand that, you know, it’s part of the journey. We have to continue to work…We could’ve very easily been 3-0 on the trip, but you know, it’s not that way. We can’t get ’em back. So we’ll continue to work to get better.
** Corbin on the Bulls getting more free throws: You know, they called it how they called it, but I, they got more than we did for whatever reason.
** Corbin on his backup point guards: [Jamaal Tinsley] did a great job. He’s a point guard, I mean, and so he can read situations…It’s a disadvantage for Alec [Burks] who’s not a point. He’s getting pressured, and these guys really did a good job of pressuring him. So Jamaal did a good job of getting us settled down and getting us in our plays.


Random Stuff, etc.
** People still calling Alec Burks “Alex Burks”: Bulls announcer Neil Funk (H/T @JazzmanJoey)
** Benny the Bull paying homage to Jeremy Evans was pretty cool:


** Modernagejazz was the first person to point out Armless Al. After 62 games, Armless Al is no more:

arm al

** Love this! Jerry Sloan, “honored on the United Center’s ‘Legends’ Wall” (via @DJJazzyJody):

BE2JiQ2CIAAy_l1.jpg large

Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines of the Night (UDQM)
** Harpring on Boozer: He struggles with length.
** Harpring on Hayward jump ball: The ball is landing right in his lap. What is he supposed to do?
** Boler on Big Al: He got Noah up.
** Harpring on himself and Boler: We’re getting closer on this road trip…We’re getting bonded. (H/T @5kl)
** Boler: Oh! The left hand! The left hand of Favors! Harpring: He’s a stud.
** Harpring: Everything’s better free, Boler. Boler: Free is good. Harpring: Free tastes better. Feels better.
** Marvin Williams: We can’t finish. So tomorrow night, we gotta try to finish.
** Corbin: We were up, and didn’t finish them off. That’s the positive thing.

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  1. modernagejazz permalink
    March 9, 2013 11:01 pm

    Rats. :/ But I guess all those collapses after which we still escaped with a win had to even out at some point. Perhaps Ty will at least acknowledge there is a problem now that we’re losing…


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