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Bits from Dennis Lindsey (2/26) and Randy Rigby (2/27) Interviews

March 1, 2013
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Randy Rigby is brought to you by the Les Olsen Company.

Randy Rigby
On the cloud stuff
I had a wonderful lunch with those folks [from Les Olsen] today. And what great people. And you know what, they’re doing some really neat things with this new whole document and information stuff going to the cloud into the whole world.

On the trade deadline
There weren’t a lot of really solid, even, conversations going on. And I was able to actually hang out with Dennis [Lindsey] and Kevin [O’Connor] on Tuesday night before the trade deadline, and really wanted to be right hands-on with what was actually going, and, down, or not going down.

And so it was fun to see them working. But when it really came down to really some solid, legitimate things, there really, I, we did not have the, you know, a lot of things to have to say no to.

On Al Jefferson and Paul Millsap
People had mentioned them a lot, and one of the first things we did is when we were totally comfortable that we thought, when we knew that we were past those issues, we immediately contacted Al and Paul. Because they mean a lot to us, and they’ve done, they do a lot for us and they’re a key part of our team.

And as soon as we felt that that wouldn’t be a good thing, and I know Dennis and Kevin immediately reached out to them to let them know from our side how important they are for our organization, and excited that they’re staying with us, and that we’re looking forward to how we play out the rest of this year.

On Mo Williams’ progress
I’ve been really impressed with what’s going on with the job that also Gary Briggs and our training staff is doing to help getting him there. I think we’ve really streamlined it, and make it a lot faster than what had happened before with him in I believe when he was with the Clippers. So we’re happy with the progress we’re making.

Do you evaluate the coaching staff? What do you think of Tyrone Corbin?
We evaluate every aspect of it. I evaluate myself as well, constantly, and my front office, our basketball operations people, we all hold ourselves accountable in working hard, and it includes the coaching staff, and each and every one of us, in our job. And so, that’s very important. That’s a key part of this responsibility that I have.

Having said that, I’ve been very pleased with the job that Tyrone Corbin is doing…I’ll tell you what, he has been, he is to me right now, done everything that we as an organization could ask Tyrone to do. Came in in a very difficult situation, and immediately said to us, “Hey, I think I can work with Deron [Williams]. Let me, you know, get with him and keep working on getting him back together.”*

And he did that…Tyrone, I think, has done a remarkable job of really, with his staff, of doing the right things for the organization. Perfectly, no. None of us perfectly, but he’s also, what I’ve been impressed with, is Tyrone’s the first to recognize the faults and being, even sometimes too overcritical of himself, but learning from them and growing and developing.

* This marks the first time someone from the Jazz has acknowledged Deron Williams’ role in Jerry Sloan’s resignation, although it was clear as day on that day given the first thing Corbin did after accepting the job–even before the press conference–was take Deron to lunch. Rigby probably forgot he pinky swore he wouldn’t tell.

Kevin O’Connor has a wonderful mind
I get a good laugh thinking about the number of people that booed, again, Kevin for making that choice of Gordon Hayward. And he says, “Judge me in two years,” and I think that speaks to, again, the quality of who we have with Kevin O’Connor, who, the mind that he has about picking play–talent as well.

On Kevin O’Connor saying he would keep Raja Bell under contract to prevent him from signing with the Lakers
I’m just gonna support what Kevin said and leave it at that right now. (1280)

Dennis Lindsey
On the Jazz’s flexibility
This [past] off-season, as you would imagine, we were pretty popular. We were the pretty girl at the dance. And so we got a lot of calls, and again, we decided to stay pat. And I think we decided to stay pat ’cause we felt like we were coming from a position of strength.

On the state of the Jazz
I think we have those alternatives, of our flexibility in the market. I think we have some good players that, you know, at the right price, we, with appropriate sacrifice, will sign. I can see several of our free agents returning to us. I think all of our players have stated that they wanted to be here.

I think that’s something that’s good about this edition of the team, and we got two draft picks coming up in a draft that I think we’re going to be able to get some real value out of, and so, I like our position, guys.

Let’s just say, you know, from a “being championship-competitive as quick as possible” standpoint, does it come to fruition?

We’re all, the Miller family’s fully comfortable with doing this much, you know, like, you know, Oklahoma City did. Draft, and sign their own guys, and internal development, and you know, there was three years associated with that. Cleveland’s, you know, undertaking a similar project right now around Kyrie Irvin’.

We have some good young players we feel like we can build around, and that’s not the end of the world.

On the young guys
At the end of the day, we have a 22-year-old in Gordon, two 21-year-olds in Alec [Burks] and Derrick [Favors], and a 20-year-old in Enes [Kanter]. And so, we’re trying to take steps that really are common sense-oriented, and giving them not too little and not too much, but appropriate.

But as you guys imagine, there will be a time when each will garner bigger shares of the pie, you know, and the opportunity. (KALL)

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  1. bebop permalink
    March 2, 2013 12:36 am

    What is this “not too much, not too little” bs DL speaks of? Kanter getting 7 mins a game isn’t too little? Burks getting dnps to start the season isn’t too little? Then he has the gall to compare us to okc and cleveland, who both start(ed) their young guys off the bat! Just more propaganda as per usual.

  2. Upset with the MANAGEMENT! permalink
    March 2, 2013 12:44 am

    Um… Why is he so pleased with Corbin? Doesn’t he realize that Corbin is a crappy coach who doesn’t adjust to the game. It seems he doesn’t have the ability to coach on the fly and change defensive or offensive sets to suit his team… He is ALWAYS defended even though he has given the team the worst home loss in 30 years, among other bad, bad, bad losses… Seems like we are on our way out of the playoff race.


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