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Game 56 Jazz at Clippers: Consistently Inconsistent

February 24, 2013

box score

At least we’ll always have this:


Practice Quotage 2/20
** Tyrone Corbin on having several days off: Well, we gotta get us to continue to get better. We got some things to shore up…our defense, the adjustments we made during the course of the [last] game I thought was good on the defensive end. And we just wanna shore up some of those things and understand how we have to continue to work to get better.
** Corbin on whether he’ll be focusing on the Clippers over the next few days: Next couple days, on us, you know, getting better at executing and communicating on the defensive end and maybe talk about a couple of different rotations on the defensive side…and then take the last day or so to get ready for the Clippers.
** Corbin on the possibility of getting home court advantage: We want to continue to play and win the games and play, feel good about how we’re playing and see what happens.
** Corbin on Big Al: His footwork has always been so immaculate. What he’s doing now is he’s reading what’s working against that opponent, and he’s changing his multiple shots to adjust to them. His touch is so good that he can shoot the perimeter shots. He can get under guys and use the lil up-and-under moves…Half-hook is what he have to get over guys. So he’s using whatever he need to use to get around guys to make shots…Anything he can do to get a chance to be one-on-one is better for us.
** Corbin on what Paul Millsap has that Derrick Favors doesn’t: Experience. More experience. He’s been around longer.
[Is that it?]
You know, the way the team is now, and the way he and Al read each other, the combination is good there. And Derrick is certainly continuing to get better, and you know, we need all of our guys to continue to grow so we can be as good as we can be and, now, and then as we grow better, later, the more assets we have especially in big guys.
** Corbin, asked if he would feel comfortable playing Favors and Enes Kanter 35 minutes per game if needed: That’s where we are, and that’s what we have to work with. But you know, we’re not there.

** Al Jefferson on his defense: It’s something that I never thought about in Minnesota…Here, I think I’ve established myself to be a better defensive player. I know I can get better. I got room to grow more, but since I got here I think I have improved in that area.
** Big Al on guys trusting one another: This team, anybody say anything to me, I’m going to listen to ’em, you know, because I don’t feel like guys would just be saying things just to pick on me. You know, and vice versa…That’s the type of trust we have on this team.


Practice Quotage 2/22 (post-trade deadline)
** Corbin: Let’s get back to work. We are who we are and you know, we’re where we are so it’s good to get past the date so we can go on about our business of just trying to get better.
** Corbin on whether he reached out to his players once the deadline passed: No. We talked before. We talked enough about it, and I think like me, they were getting tired of hearing about it. You know, they been trying to put it past, put it out of their minds as much, you keep bringing it up because everybody else bringing it up. And we wanted to try and, as much as we could here, focus on working to get better…They did a great job of just working to get better and playing within what we were trying to do to help us win games and not playing for anything other than us trying to win the ball game.

** Big Al on the trade deadline passing: Y’all was more worried about it than me. I was asleep.
** Paul Millsap on the deadline passing: I think I was working around that time. I don’t know. I didn’t hear anything, so I was good.
** Millsap on whether it was flattering or nerve-racking to hear his name in trade rumors: It’s exciting…but at the same time it can be nerve-racking.

Well, at least one Jazzman had a good time in L.A. Via @mowilliams:

BD2aNZJCEAAsb-O.jpg large

In case you’re wondering which of the dancers are Mo’s favorites, he also posted a second pic:

BD2at7ECUAEE8gX.jpg large

Post-Game Quotage
** Corbin, post-game mix tape: They played the better game tonight…we just couldn’t get the ball in the hole…I thought the guys played hard, we just didn’t make baskets that we needed…we just didn’t weather the storm that third quarter…it’s one game.
** Boler to Enes Kanter: How many stitches did you get? Four? Kanter: No, like 23, something? I’m just playing. Four. (KALL,1280,Utah Jazz)

harp boler

Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines of the Night (UDQM)
** Big Al on Foye: He’s one of them guys that know how to feed me the ball and know where I want it.
** Corbin on defending Steph Curry: We had to have bodies on him early, so we came and we jumped him in a hard show, and it was able to slow him down a little bit. But then he continued to come and spread us out.
** Boler: Blake Griffin having some trouble down low. Good “D” by Favors.
** Boler: Millsap right on the back of Griffin. Gives it up to Paul. Flips it over to Billups. Burks right on his belt. Great “D” by Burks.
** Harpring on DMC: He’s a pain in the buns. He gets after you, and you don’t like guys that get after you when you’re playing. Caron Butler, he gets up in him and makes him feel uncomfortable.

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