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Bits from Dennis Lindsey and Kevin O’Connor Interviews, 2/11 and 2/15

February 19, 2013
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Dennis Lindsey
Does Tyrone Corbin have all the power on who he plays?
Absolutely…Kevin O’Connor and I are in complete alignment on this issue…

All of our players know, right or wrong, that if they need to have a conversation about playing time or opportunity or the ball, they need to go to Ty. And we fully support his decisions…At the end of the day, you know, the buck stops with Ty. He is the person who decides who plays and who doesn’t.

On Enes Kanter’s lack of playing time
Let’s just say that we played Enes 36 minutes like a lot of people wanted him. You know, it’s too much too soon, his body breaks down, and you know, he has some type of defect. Is that alternative better than, you know, maturing his body to where he can, you know, systematically handle the NBA load?

Dennis Lindsey’s tips for being attractive
You know, Enes and I have had a couple of conversations on choices, and the good thing is, Enes is a good young man. You know, I think like all young people, we, you know, all, we were 19, 20 [years old], guys. You remember it. You’re trying to be attractive and gain attention, you know, to yourself. I think like all young people, you get a little misdirected.

You know, what I think is really attractive at no matter what age is, you know, being, a commitment to something. And I think by and large, that’s where Enes is, really, he is really an exciting player for us, guys…I’d like to take a nap and wake up about four years from now when he’s 24 and start to see, you know, more of a finished product.

Do you fear that lack of playing time makes it more difficult to re-sign players?
Not really. You know, I think all of our players, and so by definition including the young guys, understand that this is an organization that stands for something. You’ve got to earn your keep. We’re not going to skip steps. We’re going to be work-oriented. You’re, you know, you’re gonna sit and watch the vets for awhile, and you’re going to get your opportunity…

You gotta remember, Ty’s gotta have a group that has chemistry…and by definition, you know, you start sitting a bunch of veterans in an NBA locker room, and you’re going to have disorder.

Where are the Jazz and what do they aspire to be?
What we aspire to be is, you know, championship-competitive. And by that, we benchmark ourselves. We like to think if you’re in the top four, if things break your way, you have a chance…

What we are, is we’re playoff competitive, we, but right in the middle of a rebuild with a ton of flexibility. And everybody says, hey, you don’t want to be stuck in the middle, and I would argue the middle’s fine as long as you have flexibility to improve the team and react to the team if there’s internal development.

What are the Jazz selling?
We had a meeting on this the other day and Greg [Miller] said this: He said, “You sell hope.” And I would just add, not only, you know, can we sell hope, you know, we can currently sell a winning club.

Kevin O’Connor
On the Jazz’s loss to the Sacramento Kings
Sometimes you look at schedules and you say, “Sacramento had four days off. They played us Monday and then they didn’t play til Saturday. And we had to play Wednesday, and Friday, and Saturday.”

And that’s not an excuse, but it is part of the NBA and you do recognize that.

On the financial state of the Jazz
We’ve got maneuverability and flexibility in [the second year of the new CBA]…

But you gotta remember there are teams that are willing to and have the financial wherewithal due to more eyes in the market…More eyes in the market is more sponsorship dollars. There’s more TV money, you know, and with being able to do that, then you’re able to afford more.

But the Millers have vowed to stay competitive, and vowed to use all the resources that they can, to do it.

So I’m not making an excuse. That’s what it is.

(KFAN and 1280)

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  1. bebop permalink
    February 19, 2013 1:07 pm

    I am slowly losing faith in DL…

    • February 19, 2013 2:15 pm

      I can’t tell whether to lose faith or not.

      On one hand he is the only one in the front office who accurately describes where the team is right now, what its problems are, how far it is from the goal of being a genuine contender.

      On the other hand he regurgitates way too much of the front office narrative about the young players for me to feel confident.

      • February 19, 2013 6:00 pm

        Pretty much this. At least he admits the Jazz are rebuilding whereas KOC refuses to even say the word.

        On the other hand, DL has also said that when he’s had ideas on moves he’s been told by KOC to be patient and that when he first took the job he was given a long list of things he couldn’t change. It makes you wonder how much decision-making power he really has.


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