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Bits from All-Star Weekend, Starring Jeremy Evans

February 17, 2013

jeremy dunk


Jazz coach Tyrone Corbin expressed surprise before the Jazz defeated Oklahoma City on Tuesday that neither second-year players Enes Kanter or Alec Burks were selected for the Rising Stars game Friday night.

“I thought they played enough minutes and well enough,” Corbin said, “to be considered. I don’t know if they were considered high or low or where those things fell, but I thought they should have been considered for it.

Kanter, the Turkish center, averages 6.4 points and 4.1 rebounds in 14.3 minutes per game, while Burks averages 6.2 points per game. However, Burks’ minutes have increased to 24.9 per game in the 10 contests the Jazz have played without Hayward, and in that time is averaging 9.6 points per game. (SLT)



Three. Jeremy answering some questions before the dunk contest:

** If you could posterize any guy in the league, who would it be? I’ll probably have to say Dwight Howard. (1280)
** What would be the most difficult thing for you to give up for Lent? Probably my wife.
** Favorite All-Star dunker or dunk: Besides [Michael] Jordan, I always say probably the Jason Richardson dunk, when he threw it off the glass and went between his legs. (Utah Jazz)

Four. Jeremy’s All-Star portraits (via Getty Images):

jeremy portraits

Five. The dunks:




Six. The painting that Jeremy jumped flew over in the third dunk (via the Utah Jazz):


** Jeremy on the painting: I actually painted the picture. Just acrylics. Started about a week and a half ago. Finished it last night…If I wouldn’t be playing basketball, that’s what I would be doing.
** More on the painting: I just finished it last night. Put the finishing touches, ’cause I didn’t know what the ball looked like, so I had to come in with my paint, everything, to finish it up.
** The painting, which was Johnnie Bryant’s idea, will be going to charity. (Utah Jazz)

Seven. Gordon Hayward, voting for Jeremy in Indiana:

hayward tweet

Eight. How Mark Eaton ended up making an appearance:

eaton tweet


brown shoes

Nine. Post-contest comments:

** Jeremy on whether he had thoughts about having Eaton stand: Nooooo way. Not at all. He’s, what, 7’4″? No way. I’m barely clearing 6’5″.
** Jeremy on his dunks: Everybody helped me. None of them were my ideas.
** Jeremy on Terrence Ross’ dunk: I told everybody on Twitter and all the media, just vote for what they like. So I feel like [Ross’] dunk was amazing. If I was a voter, I probably would have [voted for him] also. (Utah Jazz)

Ten. Meanwhile, the Okurs and Harprings are hanging out in Cancun (via @mehmetokur13 and @yelizokur13):

harprings and okurs

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  1. Rafael Amarante permalink
    February 18, 2013 12:03 am

    Jeremy is the nicest guy ever

    • February 18, 2013 11:01 am

      Love how classy he was in his post-contest press conference!


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