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Game 53 Jazz vs. Thunder: Woot Woot!

February 13, 2013

pmpsH/T @UkNo1Jazzfan

The Jazz deserved to win this one. It feels almost like a special privilege to be able to say that. Starters and reserves alike, the Jazz came ready to play and ready to battle. There was no slow start or big fourth quarter collapse. From Al Jefferson taking it inside instead of shooting jumpers to Randy Foye trying to block a shot even with his quad contusion to Derrick Favors’ all-around beasting to the steady guidance of our “they’re only mostly dead” point guards to Paul Millsap doing everything to the Jazz matching the Thunder’s physicality, the Jazz deserved to win.

If there was a Magic Mirror for basketball or Jazz basketball, this right here would be declared the fairest of them all:


Seriously, this is like that first taste of a peanut butter Oreo (or whatever your favorite may be) that just leaves you insatiably wanting more.

Pre-Game Quotage
** Big Al on why Mo Williams calls him “Pacific”: ‘Cause of my waves. Pacific Ocean. Tweet that…I got big waves.
** Tyrone Corbin on whether he came down on the team after the loss at Sacramento: Well, we didn’t play our best game. You know, we didn’t play our best game. Give Sacramento credit…We played the night before and we just didn’t respond.
** Corbin on the difference between January (10-4) and February (3-3): Two different months. Two different opponents…You are where you are and the season’s where it is. You have to keep playing and hopefully you get more wins.


Post-Game Quotage
** Corbin: Defensively, I thought our defense created a lot of opportunities for us on the offensive end. And as long as we continue to do that, and that’s from 1-14, I thought everybody that came in the game actually were great on the defensive end.
** DeMarre Carroll on his “altercation” with Kevin Durant: You know, [Alec] Burks, he young, he really ain’t gon stand up for himself that much, so you know, I know I might not have all the money to give away, but hey, you know, I gotta take a stand for my young guys.
** Carroll on what Corbin told the team down the stretch: Coach just said us to keep running through our plays. You know, they might be boring, and we, you know I’m sayin’, but you keep running through ’em.
** Russell Westbrook, asked whether the Thunder lost the game or the Jazz won the game: What?! Bro, what are you talking about, man? I’m out, man. Y’all n***as trippin.


Alec Burks Quotage (Yes, this needed to be its own section)
** Burks, post-game: You know, we just kept fighting all game. We knew that their superstars were gonna come to play, and they did, and we just kept fighting through that.
** Burks on whether he could sense the Thunder getting frustrated: A little bit, you know? Good team, you know? Kind of like a Playoff game. We just kept fighting.
** Burks on Derrick Favors: He a great player. We all know that. He’s a monster, and he just did what he do every game.
** Burks on how the Jazz pulled away in the 4th quarter: Keep fighting. Keep running. Keep doing what we been doing.
** Burks on defending Durant: We all know he’s a great player, but you know, can’t be scared of nobody. You know, we all grown men. We all play this game the same way…He another player, just like me.*
** Burks on the Jazz keeping its lead for a change: Just keep fighting, you know? The game never over til the final buzzer sound, so we just kept fighting.
** Burks on the collective effort of the Jazz: You need them other four guys out there with you, you know, fighting the same way you fight.
** Burks on how much better winning feels than losing: Way better. We all know that.
** Burks on the difference between having a great individual game in a loss vs. having less of a good game on paper in a win: The win. That’s the difference. We all know that.
** Burks on improving through getting more time: Just being mature, more mature on the court, you know? More time, you know, learn more things. You know, I feel like I’m getting better every time.

* This reminds me of when the Jazz were in the Finals and Bryon Russell said, in regards to a question on Michael Jordan, that he wasn’t intimidated because Jordan puts his pants on one leg at a time just like himself. (The response Russell got from the scrum, if I recall correctly: “Are you sure?”)

Why did this need to be its own section? Well, first, because it was funny. Second, because it is an excellent lesson in personality mirroring with regards to some of Tyrone Corbin’s most oft-used phrases (a la Andy Bernard when he was trying to impress Michael Scott after joining the Scranton branch of Dunder Mifflin in “The Office”).

It’s crazy to me how Jamaal Tinsley’s feet barely leave the floor on his long bombs:


Random Stuff, etc.
** People still calling Alec Burks “Abbo”: Randy Foye

briggs hyd

Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines of the Night (UDQM)
** Corbin on what he wants to do to Durant: You have to always be up on him. You have to keep your hand on him. He have to see bodies. He’s penetrating more now.
** Harpring on mouthpieces: I wore it in college at times, sometimes in practice. Couldn’t breathe with it…You can make ’em now, where they just fit, light, even though they’re in your mouth. (H/T @kidfromkor)
** Harpring as Briggs is treating Foye with Magic Spray: I didn’t know Magic Spray went through your clothes.

diana tweet

** Boler on Foye bucket: The spray! Harpring: The spray!
** Boler on Big Al getting hit in the head: Matt, any time you go to the head, they’re going to review it.
** Steve Brown to Horny during halftime interview: If you can just keep Al upright, you’ll be all right. Horny: That’s right.
** Harpring: When you got Perkins guarding you that tight, Boler, you gotta use a guard move. Put the ball between your legs and go right by his shoulder.
** Harpring on winning: It’s going to get harder. (H/T @5kl)
** Big Al on the All-Star break: We just gotta come in and try to, you know, go out with a bang.
** Big Al: We just came, physically…prepared, if I say so myself.
** Big Al on Perkins: I don’t think there ain’t no soft in him nowhere.

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