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Bits from Randy Rigby Interivew, 1/30

February 1, 2013
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On the loss to the Rockets
I was so impressed. Tyrone Corbin, at halftime, I’ve seen, I, he was as passionate and as upset and angry, as I’ve ever seen him, and very, it was very direct to the players, and with the attitude,
“Come on. We are better than this. Let’s get going. And we could still win this game.”

And unfortunately, it went from bad to worse, and that’s not a messaging of, I know, at all, from our players, of how they’re, of their feelings about the coach.

More on the loss to the Rockets
This is no excuse. These are just facts, but I mean, unfortunately, Mo Williams wasn’t with us. Gordon Hayward wasn’t on the team to play, and those are two guys with some real talent that we
count on, being with us. They’re not available to play, and so then our other guys just were not getting it done.

And it showed, and I think, sometimes were feeling a little bit sorry for themselves, and I, or their confidence was off just a little bit. And all it takes is a little bit in this game, and all of a sudden things can start going wrong in, really quickly. And you know what? We, hopefully, they’ve learned from it.

On putting the Rockets loss behind them and looking ahead to the Playoffs
One game does not define a team, and so I think you need to look at it in the total, and I think this team has told us, “You know what?” They have competed very hard. We have some, a team that wants to compete, that are playing well together. They get along well. We have a coaching staff that works extremely hard and has a great relationship with ’em. We have great support from our owners, and everyone is really, we got an organization I’m very happy with what they’re doing.

And I think we need to now look at this and say, “Let’s not dwell too long on this. Let’s get this past us. Let’s now step back up and really be the team that we should be tonight, and keep working towards and keeping our eye on, the goal in the regular season, is to get yourself into the Playoffs.” And I think we need to constantly be looking, let’s, we’ve got to win and take an opportunity to get to the Playoffs, and keep working towards that. And we do that.

On Gordon Hayward’s mother nursing him
I had dinner with his mother on Monday night, and it was good to have mom in town, because and he says, and she said, it’s really been nice, so that she could really nurse him back, and he is doing everything he can, a lot of icing on that shoulder, and I’m glad to hear that literally, we’re hearing that he’s day-to-day.

So that means to me that we’re, you know, it’s not, “Hey, he’s gonna be out for a week.” But hopefully, it is day-to-day.

With Mo Williams sidelined, who is the Jazz’s leader?
Mo Williams has been a long time in this league. He knows, you know, he knows the messaging you need to send and how to really run a quality, and I mean, he’s played, you know, with teams that literally competed for championships. And so Mo knows what it means out on the floor and has been a great leader for us. But you know what? We’ve got some other great, strong players.

Al Jefferson is a quiet leader. Paul Millsap is another one. Sometimes people see them as, you know, kind of this friendly guys. I’ll tell you what. They have a fire burning in them, though, and I think, and I, and Al has shown it, and Paul has shown it as well with how they’ve worked with Derrick [Favors] and Enes [Kanter] this last year, and really tried to help them to get better.

Derrick Favors is so, so young
The positive thing that I think we’re seeing, is the spurts are happening more frequently. And hopefully those spurts become trickles, and those trickles become small rivers, and then soon, a floodgate opens up.

And I think he has that type of potential in really being a very, a pretty special player for this league, if he will discipline himself. Again, you know, I keep having to temper myself in saying, “You know what? This kid is, what, 20, 21 years old?” I mean, John Stockton was still in college at this age, you know? And that’s a bad comparison being a point guard, but even Karl Malone. Karl Malone saw four years of college and then came out into this league.

He is really still on a learning curve, as is Enes Kanter. And, but I’ve very impressed with how he is progressing.

For the creepers and stalkers: Kevin O’Connor and Dennis Lindsey’s travel itineraries
These gentlemen are working extremely hard. Dennis is on a plane as we speak, in fact, going to Europe and looking over a couple things that’s there. Literally three days, three or four days and back, and I mean, anyone who’s traveled to Europe knows what that’s like, to do it in that fast a time period.

Kevin is off to Phoenix and back, off to, you know, Midwest and back. They’re right at it, and our coaching, our scouting staff is right at it. And it’s really fun to see these guys running at all full cylinders and getting, racing towards the trade deadline for the 21st.

Why Jazz fans should be happy with management
I will say this. We have a long-term vision and plan. Our goal is to build and put together a core of players that can build us towards a championship-caliber team for the long term. And we think that our, we, our, Kevin has done, and now, with the support and work with also Dennis, we are in a wonderful position to be able to do those very things.

And I know that pro–at least three-fourths of this league wishes that they were in the same economic position and contract position to be able to make the moves that we’re at.

[Spencer Checketts: At least. At least three-fourths.]

And so I think we’re, our fan base should be very happy with us, and you know what? And in that position, and having some great players right now, that can also prove themselves up and see where they’re wanting to find into that, and to be competing like we all are as well, we’re in, I think, an excellent position for us and for Jazz fans. (1280)

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  1. February 1, 2013 11:47 pm

    This comment is not brought to you by Les Olson Company.

    So according to our Team President, our head coach gave as passionate and angry of a speech as he has ever seen to our team, and they came out got out scored by 27? Sounds like Ty is quite the motivator.

    As great of a guy as I think Randy is (truly), his interviews drive me insane. He talks about not dwelling on the loss and how a season isn’t defined by one game, but if you listen to any of his old interviews after a win against the Lakers, Spurs, Heat, Thunder etc. he will always keep referring to those wins and infer that they are season changing games.

    Apparently we are going to make a trade with the Suns. KOC is in Phoenix to prepare for the trade deadline? Might as well have tagged that with a *Spoiler Alert*.

    At what point in the Jazz timeline will we get to stop comparing people to Stockton and Malone?

    • February 2, 2013 8:38 am

      1) Rigby probably is a very nice guy in real life.

      2) Everyone in that front office bristles if anyone ever compares any coaching aspect in Tyrone to Jerry, but I guess player comparisons to John and Karl are OK as long as it is a reason to not give the young guys more minutes.

  2. Matt permalink
    February 2, 2013 1:17 am

    I have no idea what the long term vision and plan is he speaks of. Playing vets on expiring deals?

  3. Upset with the MANAGEMENT! permalink
    February 2, 2013 3:36 am

    Randy Rigby is an idiot if he thinks we are going to keep eating the crap he’s trying to spoon feed us. Corbin SUCKS! The Jazz Management needs to stop making excuses for him! I think it’s absolutely RIDICULOUS that they keep the same dang starting line up after our starters TANKED the loss to the Rockets. Why not mix things up? Kanter gets rewarded by getting 5 min the next game after the blow out? Why doesn’t Corbin pull out the crappy players when they don’t produce? I’m getting really sick of watching the starters get 30 minutes a night and watching the bench do the bench warming thing. If they trade Alec Burks I’ll stop watching the Jazz… They won’t develop ANYBODY the way the lottery picks are supposed to be developed. Why don’t they trade all our favorite #3 picks to another team for some other aging, non defending, black holes like Mr. Jefferson/No Defense himself… The older you are on this team the more playing time you get. What a load of CRAP!


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