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The Return of C.J. Miles

January 20, 2013
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luhm cj

** What was Jerry Sloan’s impact on you as a person (not as a player)? A lot, as far as professionalism. Like, as far as, like, the way you do things, the way you carry yourself. As far as mental toughness and toughness, as far as on and off the court, just preparing yourself for things, as far as life.

We had a lot of long talks, we used to–I mean, especially when I was younger, because he felt like he didn’t want the stuff outside of basketball to ever be a problem. So he used to always talk to me about that stuff. And he was, I mean, he was great. I mean, he was a guy that believed, you come here, you do your job, and bring your lunchbox.

** What about his sense of humor? Oh yeah. He was, I can’t say some of the stuff that he said, but he definitely had, he was one of the funniest guys I ever been around, too. I mean, once that two-hour clock started for practice, he wasn’t as funny, but before and after, he was. He had some of the worst similes and metaphors, and puns and all that stuff. (Cleveland Cavaliers)

** On Jerry Sloan possibly attending the game: I’ve heard that he’d been popping up, but I didn’t know he was coming around that much, so. Maybe he shows up tonight, I might get a chance to shake his hand.

[Maybe he’ll yell at you one more time for old time’s sake.]

Hey, I can tell my kids I got yelled at by Jerry Sloan.

** Anyone you’re looking forward to seeing? Those are my guys, man. I mean, I hope that I can catch a Jeremy [Evans] and Gordon [Hayward] argument before I leave. I mean, Paul [Millsap], Earl [Watson], Al [Jefferson], I mean, [Derrick] Favors. Maybe I can get Enes [Kanter] to drop a mic or something.

baby cj

** On when he first came into the league: You think you really ready to play, and I say, like, of course at that time I felt like I wanted to play. I wanted to be on the court, but there was a lot of things I still had to learn. I feel like I could’ve played, but I definitely couldn’t have played at the level I thought I could’ve played at that time because there was so much that I had to learn. And I was 180 lbs. too, so that didn’t really help.

** On Tyrone Corbin: He was basically, I would say, like, he was my guy….I worked out with before and after practice, before games, and [he] kept me in it just being, staying positive and just [on the things] we felt like we needed to work on, and continue to work on everyday to be able to be ready every time I had a chance to play. And he played a big part in it, especially when I was in the bullpen(?) stage, you know, play when guys got hurt and didn’t play. He played a big part in it, so I mean, I’m forever grateful for him, I mean, pretty much, just sticking with me. (Utah Jazz)

** On Utah and the Jazz: I grew up here. Like, I became a man here. I was a kid when I got here. I mean, most of the major changes in my life, like, as far as becoming a grownup, they happened here. The Utah Jazz fulfilled my dream, as a kid, to be able to play in the NBA…they gave me that, and I’ll never forget that.

** On his last exit interview with the Jazz: I didn’t say anything that I thought was the wrong thing to say at that time…I answered the questions I was asked. [During] my exit meeting, I spoke to coach Corbin, and we talked about the same things. A couple of weeks later after that, I spoke to coach Corbin on the phone again and we talked about the same things. There was no, there was nothing I said that, I think it was just because of the situation, that it was taken that way.

My two cents: CJ’s comments that day were a molehill made into a mountain. They should never have been made into a big deal or something that he still had to be explaining a year later.


sad cj

** On the reception he got during player introductions:

Utah Jazz fans surprised C.J. Miles upon his introduction Saturday night as a member of the visiting Cleveland Cavaliers.

“It was a bit louder than I thought it was going to be,” said the former Utah second-round draft pick of his friendly ovation in EnergySolutions Arena. “I’m glad they still have love for me here. I definitely got love for everybody here, so it was cool.” …

“It was great here. I spent a long time here. That doesn;t happen in the league anymore. Young guys don’t really stick around with the same team anymore.” (Trib)

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