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Bits from Practice, 1/17

January 18, 2013
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al-paul-short-s“Put the camera on him and show who did that.”

Paul Millsap
** Reflections on the first half of the season: Well, the schedule’s tough, you know. Especially playing on the road, you know, most of our games, and especially with a lot of new guys we had, we have, you know. So you know, just getting adjusted and getting adjusted on the road, you know, that’s kind of tough. You know, so not making any excuses by a long ways, but we feel like we should be a lot better than what we are, you know. But things are where we are, you know, we feel like we getting better.

** On CJ Miles: We go back a long, long time ago. You know, we still keep in touch a lot. You know, I’m happy to see him doing well out there, and hopefully he continue to do it.

Al Jefferson
** Reflections on the first half of the season: I think, you know, to be one of the teams, top two teams, that start the season off with a lot of road games, I think we where we want to be. You know, always start off on the road a lot, you know, we’re still two games above .500 [with] a homestand coming up. You know, guys’ confidence getting higher. We prove that, to ourself, that we can play with anybody if we do what we supposed to do. And hopefully at the All-Star break we get Mo [Williams] back. So I think we where we want to be.

Gordon Hayward
** Spencer Checketts on Hayward, UDQM: The guy who’s only been playing up, and hopefully we will not see him come down anytime soon.

** On Jeff Hornacek: He’s been great for me. He’s helped me out shooting-wise. He’s helped me just kind of, you know, mentally figure out where I need to be and where I can get my shots. He’s been great for me…

One of the big things for me was making sure that I was down and ready, you know, ready to receive the pass and ready to shoot. A lot of times I would just be standing straight up, you know, not expecting the ball to come or being down and ready. That was a big key, and just allowing that kind of helped me out, you know, just tremendously. Just making sure that I’m prepared, ready to shoot the ball, so I don’t have to go through all the motions. When I get it, I can already be down and ready, and then I can just fire.

The prelude to this question was that only two Jazz players have come off the bench since Dec. 1995 and scored 22 points and handed out 4 assists twice in one month. Gordon was told that he was one of them, and asked to guess the other. Gordon guessed CJ Miles, but the answer was Horny.

** On his ideal playing weight: I talked to Coach [Krzyzewski] from Duke this summer and one thing that he told me is [regarding ideal playing weight], you always want to be the fastest you can be, especially in the game today. I mean, guys are getting faster and faster, so…you want to make sure that you’re strong, but you also want to make sure that you’re fast and quick out on the court. So I’m kind of happy with where I’m at right now, just, there’s still some improvement I can do, you know, training my core and you know, making sure that I’ll be on balance when I go to the rim.

** UDQM: I had a lot of hair.

ty 117

Tyrone Corbin
** Reflections on the first half of the season: Well, I think that you know, to be 21-19 now and going into the halfway point, I think, you know, having one of the, playing if not the most road games of anybody in the league, right up there with the top road teams, and getting past that halfway point, I think we’ve shown some growth. I think we’re not exactly where we want to be, but we’re not, we’re in the range of being in position to get ourselves in the Playoffs.

** What do you want to see change from the first half to the second half of the season? Well, just the growth. The reflection of growing from beginning of the season, understanding how to play on the road, and getting better there. Understanding the sense of urgency, take care of your business at home, and continue to get better there…We’ve shown some growth and we’d like to continue that growth to take us through the second half of the season to get ready for the Playoffs.

** On the easier schedule ahead: Well, from the standpoint of resting, everybody, we’ve had a lot of games in a short amount of time. From the standpoint of fine-tuning, some, getting some time on the floor to fine-tune some things on both ends of the floor. And just getting guys more reps at what we’re trying to do. I’m looking at a couple different combinations ’cause where we are with injuries, putting the ball in different guys’ hands and some situation getting a look at those things. We’ll do that the next couple days.

[Will we maybe see some changes then?]

No, no. I’m just, just some situations that we want to work on to give ourselves an opportunity.

[Are you concerned about guys losing their edge having four days off?]

That’s a concern. That’s a concern, ’cause you can lose your focus and we’re home, you know, for the four days, which we’ll get some good work on the road, on the court, but we gotta make sure we understand that we’re still in a dogfight, and we gotta get ourselves, while we’re getting rest, we gotta keep ourselves ready to play the game at a fast pace once we get back on the floor.

Note: Corbin did not hold practice until the third day of the four-day break.

** How is Al playing in the first half of the season? I think, you know, especially of late, I think he’s done a great job for us on both ends of the floor. He’s a guy that we want to run our offense through a lot of situations down the stretch here, have the ball in his hands, and teams, as you see now, they knowing where we trying to go. So they’re doing a great job of putting another guy on where he is, so we have to play off the weak side a lot more, and that’s giving the other guys opportunities. So we still want to use him to get the ball, try to get the ball into him, but the other guys have to be ready to make plays off the weak side.

** You worked with CJ Miles pretty closely, didn’t you?: We all did. I mean, we all did. I mean, I spent a lot of time with him along with the other coaches, but, you know, it was, it was a group effort, man, and he was a young guy that was extremely talented, and we had a good growing process, not only only with him, but we grew with him also.

Corbin once again felt the need to talk about how CJ did not react well to being sent to the D-League. This was something that happened seven years ago and CJ was 18 years old, and this was the second time he’s brought it up in less than week. How about a simple “CJ was a good player for us and I wish him well”?

(Hayward interview from 1280; rest from Utah Jazz)

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  1. RedRockJazz permalink
    January 19, 2013 11:14 am

    The ‘you knows’ are rampant within the Jazz organization aren’t they?


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