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Three Completely Random Bits

January 12, 2013

** While talking about Kevin Murphy’s return from the D-League, Tyrone Corbin kind of threw C.J. Miles under the bus:

Murphy averaged 13.3 points per game with the Bighorns, and said he enjoyed having the “opportunity to just play about 30 minutes a game, get into the game flow, just play basketball.”

Corbin credited the D-League from earlier days, when players – he named C.J. Miles – took an assignment as an insult.

“Guys had a tendency to think that’s a demotion,” Corbin said, “and not an opportunity to work on their game, just to play games, work on their game. Over the years, I think it has progressed to being an opportunity just for that.” (Trib)

1) Corbin could very well have extolled the virtues of the D-League without bringing up C.J. There was no reason to specifically cite C.J. at all;
2) Is this some suppurating pustule that has been festering since C.J.’s locker room cleanout comments last year (which weren’t even that bad or said in a mean spirit)?

** Gordon Hayward on his preferred nickname:

I’ve kinda just gone by G-Time my whole life. That’s what people always called me. You know, growing up an Indiana [Pacers] fan, Reggie Miller was like the man, and you know, whenever he would start going and scoring a lot, you know, there was a guy who always had signs, and the sign he would put up was “Miller Time.”

So that was like the big thing, and you know, I thought I was cool when I was like 12 years old, so I started having people calling me G-Time whenever I start hitting a couple of buckets.

[What do your teammates call you?]

Like I said, they call me G-Time. (1280)

** Consider this my request for the Jazz to stop announcing technical sellouts or near-sellouts when the arena is half-empty. There is no question attendance is down this season, and announcing sellouts when there are extremely wide, visible swaths of empty green seats sweeping across the arena is kind of ridiculous. If you think about it, what you’re really announcing in this situation is that despite having already spent money on the seats, fans are so unexcited or underwhelmed by the team that they can’t be bothered to show up.

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