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“Young man child” and Other Off-Day Odds and Ends

January 9, 2013

** Marvin Williams on his knee, post-game yesterday: It’s been frustrating. It’s been bothering me for a long time. This is, thankfully, this is my first time ever really having a knee problem…It constantly hurts, but sometimes it’s a little worse than others, and when I [went] up to make the block, it was just a pain that I really didn’t like at all. So it’s calmed down a little bit. I’ve taken some Aleve. I’ll take some more tonight, get some treatment in the morning, and I feel I’ll be ready to go.

–Marvin Williams is out for three games in the hopes that his “irritated knee” gets less testy. This means he won’t be getting a homecoming in Atlanta, and will miss although he will travel with the Jazz the road trip. The Jazz are 0-4 when Marvin is out.

–Mo Williams is back with the Jazz and won’t make the road trip. The Jazz are 7-5 without Mo.

mo tweets

Williams said he watched the game in the locker room on a TV set up next to another. He watched his alma mater, the University of Alabama, win the NCAA football championship 42-14 over Notre Dame on TV No. 2. (Trib)

–Kevin Murphy has been recalled from the D-League and will go on the road trip.

** In the wake of Enes Kanter’s tweet yesterday about “playing with boys again,” Randy Foye (@foyeboy) posted this today: “in the cool tub with the young man child D-fav.”

Who wears shirts into the tub? Did they put the shirts on to take the picture because Derrick is shy? So many questions (not really).

** Randy Foye on Alec Burks, post-game yesterday: I’ve got to give a lot of credit to Alec Burke. He made big shots. He came in, and he did a lot of good things for us to help us win this game…I got a chance to talk to him early on when he wasn’t playing, just said, “Just keep working and stay ready,” and that’s something he did. So hats off to him.

–In related news, people still calling Alec Burks “Burke”: Randy Foye.
–In more related news, people still calling Alec Burks “Alex”: Tyrone Corbin.

Tyrone Corbin
** Media: Is there any advantage to playing the young guys together now, that–
Corbin (interrupting): They have been.
Media: –in regards to keeping them together as a unit?
Corbin: If you look at the last two years, most of that second unit has been those young guys playing together for that reason, so they can get comfortable with it, and they, it gives us a chance to win, where we are now with the veteran group of guys, and then the young guys, experience, while we mix in groups, together, and, and it’s more, them getting time on the floor learning, but us developing from where we are now also.

** Corbin on whether he’s having thoughts about putting Gordon Hayward back in the starting lineup: Not right now.

** Spencer Checketts: Coach, what does it say about you guys that Al [Jefferson] and Paul [Millsap] can go a combined 11-28 from the floor and you can still get a win against a quality team like Dallas*?

Corbin: It shows where we’re growing, and we have to continue to grow on both ends of the floor to be effective.

* Following Dallas’ loss to Utah, the Mavericks dropped to 13-22.

** Checketts: You guys have played 24 of your first 39 games on the road. And for you to be able to keep your head above water [at around .500], it has to feel pretty good.

Corbin: Well you know what, we’re making some progress. We’re growing in some areas. We’ve had some, some good lessons we’ve learned. But you know, even, you know, getting out of this, this long stretch of road games, coming back home, we have to learn that we have to play a certain way against anybody on any floor, so we have to get the lessons and make sure we understand that just because we’re home, we can’t just think we gonna win the game. We have to play a certain way to be effective.

** Corbin on Rick Carlisle’s comment that the Jazz “thugged it up” against the Mavericks: I don’t know, thug, I don’t know what “thugging it up” means, you know, but we play within the rules.

** Corbin on whether he thinks Derrick Favors knows how good he can be: I think, you know, it’s tough for young guys to understand, you know, the work that it takes to get to that level. They, they hear the talk, so I think that he, he, he wants it, and, but he want it to be when he, when, as fast as he can get there. Sometime it take, it’s a maturation process at times, man. You go from Step A to Step B and you skip a step, and you don’t appreciate it.

** Checketts: I saw last night, you took Paul out, and he just walked straight to the bench. Didn’t really even acknowledge anybody, any of the coaches or the players. So he was clearly upset.

Corbin: I don’t think he was upset about coming out of the game…what you saw with Paul, I don’t, I don’t think that it was a thing where he was disappointed in anybody. He was just playing. You know, you come out of the game, you, you walk straight by whatever that is.

** Corbin on his Christmas: We had Christmas Day off, it was great. Sit around and eat, and got fat.


3 Comments leave one →
  1. January 9, 2013 9:16 pm

    corbin is hopeless. NO ty they HAVENT played together. The offense should not ALWAYS (or ever) run through jefferson. Look what hayward does when it goes through him. Im tired ot saying this, but the team needs a coach.

  2. modernagejazz permalink
    January 9, 2013 10:04 pm

    Corbin’s comments on Favors are somewhat worriesome. They fit the picture that Favors doesn’t really work as hard as superstars do. I mean, how the hell could Enes make his way past Favors on offense with one year less, less minutes per game and way less athletic ability?

    Say what you want about Ty, but he’s not a bozo. He was very respected by Phil and Jerry and saw many players develop over his life. If he’s making such a comment after seeing Favors in practice day after day for over 2 years, I am worried.

  3. January 10, 2013 5:02 am

    I love the question about a quality win over Dallas. The Jazz have made no progress in many of the overall ranking. Yet the Jazz made so much movement in this teams players by adding Mo, Marvin, and Foye. I think Corbin is going to be the coach that is fired before the team can really win. I personally am thinking his time is coming soon.


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