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Game 33 Jazz vs. Timberwolves: AK Returns

January 3, 2013

Separate post on AK’s return coming later…


I saw a tweet earlier — sorry, I can’t remember whose tweet it was — about how watching the Jazz had become a chore. This was finally not the case tonight. So many highlights! Andrei Kirilenko in the ESA again! So many, so many highlights! Paul Millsap looking like this old self! Not a last-minute, the-Jazz-barely-escaped win! Six players with 8 to 13 FGA; no one playing more than 28 minutes.

You never, ever wish for injuries, but the Jazz are seriously at their best when Tyrone Corbin’s hands are tied and he can’t go with his beloved hockey substitutions (this goes back to last season, and in fact got us into the Playoffs).

It was like, hey, we can have nice things!

P.S. I was really happy that Greg Miller sent out this tweet:

greg tweet


And I was really happy to see the classy side of the ESA and Jazz Nation show up and to see the reception that AK got. The ESA has gotten a bad rep over the past few years (at times deservedly so), so this was great to see. So if you were at the arena tonight, give yourself a pat on the back.

New Year’s Resolutions – The Utah Jazz Edition
** Al Jefferson: Be a better person–to the media.
** Gordon Hayward: Haven’t made it. My mom’s been on me, so I gotta think of one before she calls me back. [She makes you have one?] She doesn’t make me, but you know what I mean, when your mom, you know, asks you a question.
** Derrick Favors: Call my mom everyday. That’s my New Year’s resolution. [Does she get mad at you for not doing that?] Every time…She’ll get mad if I don’t call her back or I don’t answer the phone. So that’s my New Year’s resolution, answer the phone more, and call her back.
** Marvin Williams: I don’t make resolutions. I always break them…I stopped making them probably in high school.

AK tipoff

Random Stuff, etc.
** 16 minutes for Derrick Favors. Really?
** This:

jerry 102
** AK collected his 4,000th career rebound.
** This tweet from @Mac_Jazz quoting the Minnesota announcers is just all kinds of weird and funny and strange:

mac tweet

** Another interesting tweet from @andyblarsen:

ty booed
** I’m convinced Corbin thinks Alec Burks and DeMarre Carroll are the same person, which explains why it seems like they can’t ever play together. We’re also seeing a pattern emerging. Every time Corbin goes nuts and starts playing Burks, Carroll’s playing time drops and he complains. Then Corbin immediately starts playing Carroll more and Burks’ minutes go away.

We saw this happen right after the season began, with Burks getting in three straight games and playing at least 9 minutes. Carroll then talked to his agent and Tyrone, and Burks immediately went back to a string of DNPs while Carroll logged a bunch of 20+ minute games. From Dec. 23 to Dec. 28, Burks logged major minutes while Carroll’s minutes dropped to zero/garbage minutes. Carroll then talks about playing for 29 other teams, and presto! Fewer minutes for Burks.

Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines of the Night (UDQM)
** Marvin Williams on his knee, shootaround: It’s a little swollen still, but you know, I feel pretty good.
** Gordon Hayward on New Year’s resolutions: My mom’s been on me.
** Boler on Enes: Got a great, great stroke for a 6’11” man.
** Boler on some T-shirt or something: I got that tucked away. Whenever we need it, it’s gonna come back out.
** Harpring: I have a lot of respect for Andrei Kirilenko. We went at each other in practice, for years.
** Boler on Al: He’ll push it up…down she goes. (H/T @shandonfan)
** Boler: Backside, Love. (H/T @BrianBonks)
** Harpring: Barea trying to force it inside. Ball is kicked.
** Harpring on Hayward: You go hard, you don’t go soft. You go in there. You know you gotta expect contact. And then either finish or get to the line.
** Minnesota announcer: Barea takes it inside, Amundson follows, and Watson comes out of there. (H/T @Mac_Jazz)
** David Locke: Gordon Hayward is really stroking the ball. (H/T @kidfromkor)

jmb hes coming

pek al udqm

7 Comments leave one →
  1. January 3, 2013 6:30 pm

    beg jerry sloan to return. You saw last night why hayward needs to be the “guy”. Favors should play 30 min and not 18. I mean, really, 18? And kanter…. ive said all along, trade jefferson, the offensive and defensive cancer, and lets move foward. For christ sake, favors is an allstar waiting to happen and Kanter is plenty ready. Those who say otherwise are dead wrong. And dont know basketball. You have to live with young players mistakes. Everyone does. Scott lives with Kyrie irving’s mistakes, Mark Jackson lives with ezelis and barnes……..and kanter is SO ready. And potentially a bigger better version of Nick Collinson…which is a compliment. Corbin is a fool and clown and its a disgrace —

  2. modernagejazz permalink
    January 3, 2013 8:37 pm

    It looks like my offline recess ended at a great time. :)

    Great tweet by Greg Miller.

    I wasn’t aware of Demarre’s complaining to his agent. But I must say I am fine with Burks having to earn his minutes. Demarre’s querulous attitude sucks, but I really think Burks has a thing or two to learn from his on the court attitude (and it looks to me like he’s been learning).

  3. January 3, 2013 9:25 pm

    Agree with both of you on some points. I agree that at some point, you just have to throw young players out there and live with their mistakes because that is an integral part of their development. You can’t always be treading water in the middle of the river refusing to swim to either bank. Also agree that young players have to earn their playing time and giving the keys to the kingdom to unproven rookies could be asking for trouble down the line.

    I don’t think Al is a cancer by any means though. I feel that Favors and Kanter would not be as far along as they are w/o Al voluntarily working with them at practice because the Jazz STILL have no big man coach. Sometimes you can see Kanter busting out one of Al’s moves during games and it’s always a cool moment.

    Oh, and Favors played 16 minutes, not 18. 16!!!

    P.S. @steppx: I want Jerry back more than ANYONE. When Jerry was there, no matter how bad things were, you always knew or at least felt like everything would turn out OK.

    @MAJ: Your timing is awesome :)

    • January 3, 2013 9:49 pm

      youve no idea how happy I would be to see jerry back. One of my hoop heroes. As for jefferson, Ive heard from two places i trust that he was part of the deron orchestrated push to get rid of sloan. Now maybe its just gossip……….who knows, I wasnt there. But i know that the offense stagnates with jefferson out therre. Plus, his utter lack of effort on defense is painful to watch. Favors playing sixteen minutes is just stunningly stupid coaching.

  4. January 4, 2013 12:12 am

    My thoughts on Alec: I think they forget about him. I shit you not. Last night I yelled “Free Alec Burks” twice, loud as hell (we were 20 rows up from the floor). Within two minutes Burks was checking in. Not saying I caused the sub, but I did. Haha

  5. SurlyMae permalink
    January 4, 2013 1:04 am

    I noticed the same thing as Andy. Every game I’ve been to Ty has received an appropriate level of applause…last night hardly any. It was eye-opening for me.


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