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Game 25 Jazz vs. Grizzlies: Statue basketball is not my favorite

December 16, 2012

ty 1215

The second quarter was beautiful basketball and we had a double-digit lead at halftime. The second half was ugly statue basketball. No one moving, no one cutting, no one rotating. Stand, stand, stand, shoot. Run down the floor. Stand, stand, stand, inbounds pass. Run up the floor. Stand, stand, stand, shoot etc. It was a relief when the final buzzer sounded.

Post-Game Quotage
** Randy Foye: It’s nothing good you can really take from these games.
** Foye: We were standing too much.
** Paul Millsap: Everything was really stagnant.
** Al Jefferson: No excuses. We just gotta be better than that.

randy-paulPaul Millsap and Randy Foye’s secret language

** Tyrone Corbin: We just didn’t get it done. We gotta figure out what’s going on there, and do a better job with it.

** Foye: You gotta look at these four road games as 0-0, and you gotta try to go 4-0 on it.
** Millsap: We’re gonna go on the road, try to get all these wins.
** Big Al: We gotta go on the road now…and try to get three out of four or all four.

1215 burko

Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines of the Night (UDQM)
** Boler: It’s always fun to watch Millsap and Zach Randolph go at it.
** Booner on Marvin: Gasol put his backside into him, takes his leg right underneath him.
** Booner on Al: He comes underneath the basket.
** Boler: Fires a strike inside.
** Boler: DeMarre Carroll rides the belt buckle of Rudy Gay.
** Boler: Zach and Paul built very much alike. Randolph’s got an inch on him.
** Boler: He’s gotta get behind the circle.
** Boler: What you want, Ron, is to close out the last two minutes strong.
** Booner on Gasol: He just squeezes. He’s just working that big body into Paul Millsap.

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  1. December 16, 2012 6:02 pm

    again, Im going to keep saying it, Corbin has no clue. None. And again, having big Al out there is a sure way to limit the development of your young offense. Why do they stand around? Because jefferson is a black hole….a ball and energy sucking destoyer of offenses. Look at his career. Or, just look at the Jazz right now., Kanter was great last night…………from the half of the game i saw…….but an offense predicated on two players who dont defend much….Jefferson and Foye, isnt going to beat a team like memphis….that actually plays defense first. There you have your Utah Jazz 2012…..a barely .500 team unless trades are made. And as an add……where is alec burks??????????????? Where is kanter and evens? Hell, where is kevin murphy at this point. You dont think the second half was a good time to run Burks out there??

    • December 16, 2012 10:49 pm

      This is what I think: The problem isn’t Big Al. The problem is how Big Al is used.

      In the post-game, Corbin complained that the rest of the players (excluding Big Al) just stood around and no one was cutting to the hoop so that Big Al could get the opportunity to go one-on-one, and with all the Grizzlies collapsing on Big Al, that’s why he got stuck with the ball.

      It’s by design that our offense looks the way it does. It’s Corbin’s design. I’ve heard people that have sat courtside say that Corbin is always yelling at all the other guys to clear out for Al so that he can go one-on-one.

      When the Jazz look the way the way they did tonight, it’s a vicious cycle. Corbin calls for the guys to dump the ball to Big Al. The other guys don’t expect to get the ball, so they don’t move and everything goes stagnant. Big Al has no one to pass to, and takes the shot. It’s horrible basketball.

      • December 16, 2012 11:06 pm

        yes yes yes. I agree ….it IS horrible second rate basketball. If you watched the Spurs last night……28 assists……they dont even break a sweat. Its elegant and when its on a roll, as it was last night, its a thing of beauty. Clear out for big al. Man, thats pathetic.


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