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Game 23 Jazz vs. Spurs: No no no no no no no no….YES!!!!

December 13, 2012



** Tyrone Corbin, asked whether a Mo Williams iso was what he drew up: We drew it up for him to get the ball in his hands, and we wanted to get the last shot. He made it a little closer than I’d like, but when the ball went through the basket and the clock went off, it, you know, was just great for everybody.

** Corbin on what he told the team when they were down by 7 points: Keep fighting. Keep fighting. You know, it’s a long ball game, lot of time in the game. We gotta keep fighting.

** Mo Williams on his game-winner: You already kind of come out of the huddle knowing what you want to do…Once I got the ball, I want to take the last shot. I knew it was gonna be a jumper. I just had to get space to get it off.

** Mo Williams: I hit the shot, but I thought Paul, I thought Al, really carried the load offensively. I thought our second unit, DeMarre, Earl, Fav, Enes, Gordon, those guys came in and gave us a big, big lift. I don’t think we win the game without those guys coming in and giving us that energy…I thought it was a total team effort.

** Randy Foye: Mo was struggling throughout the whole game. He had a couple turnovers, a few missed shots in the 4th quarter, but that’s what leaders do.

** Derrick Favors, on his foot: I felt good. The foot didn’t give no problems. I felt good, just had to shake some of the rust off. But I felt good.

** Paul Millsap’s response to being asked “Are you back?”: (laughing) Am I back? Where’d I go?

** Millsap, asked if he’s been suffering from injury and feeling better: (laughing) I’m OK. I’m fine. I feel great. Everything’s intact. [So you’re not going to tell us anything?] I don’t know what you’re talking about.

** Al on the last shot: I knew it was in…when he let it go, my hand went up right when it left his hand. I knew it was all good. (You can see that in the first gif.)

** Al Jefferson: We don’t have a guy, a superstar on this team. You know, it’s gonna be nights that Paul gonna lead us, it’s gonna be night that I’m gonna lead us, it’s gonna be night that Mo’s gonna lead us. It’s gonna be night Gordon [Hayward]’s gonna lead us, Randy gonna lead us…A night like tonight, everybody gon play a part in it, so that’s the way we gotta play.

** Big Al: We happy right now, but by the time we get home and have our late dinner and get some sleep, it’s over with…We gotta go on the road and get a win, and then come back and play Memphis.

Random Stuff, etc.
** 6 seconds left, tied game, Jazz ball. Mo misses a three, Millsap gets the board.

run sidney run


** This, and this:

jerry 1

karl john

** Welcome back, Derrick Favors. May the Lord bless and keep…your feet.

Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines of the Night (UDQM)
** Harpring: These are the games you get up for! (H/T @nallad47)
** Harpring on Millsap: He’s showing his … complete package. (H/T @5kl)
** Big Al on taking a charge from DeJuan Blair: It hurt. Yeah. I don’t think Imma do it no more. (laughs) Everything’s good. It’s just he’s a big boy coming out at full speed.
** guy on the recap: Mo comes up with a big one. Mo, oh sweet Mo!
** (H/T @mac_jazz):

mac udqm

5 Comments leave one →
  1. December 14, 2012 2:15 am

    I don’t know about the timeout thing… It looks like Ty signaled timeout and Sidney was helping make sure they got the ref’s attention b/c he didn’t react to Ty’s original request.

    • RedRockJazz permalink
      December 14, 2012 6:14 am

      Yeah it sure looks like Ty was trying to get one, just that he was at half court and the ref didn’t see it.

      I was face palming so hard when Mo took both of those final shots. Facepalm turned into extreme joy when that sucker went down. I don’t hate the Spurs like I do the Lakers but this win felt better than the Lakers one.

      • December 14, 2012 8:21 am

        Watched the video a few times yesterday. FWIW seemed to me like Ty didn’t start moving toward the ref (off frame in the gif) until after Sidney had gotten out of his seat, and Sidney was trying to get Ty’s attention rather than the ref.

        Agree that it felt like a better win than against the Lakers. Maybe because the Lakers are terrible now. :)

        • modernagejazz permalink
          December 14, 2012 9:07 am

          It felt better to me because so many of our guys played well. To see Millsap and Hayward play that way is so refreshing. And Al stealing the ball from Timmeh and going for the dunk? Al, the Conqueror! ;D

  2. December 14, 2012 8:46 pm

    @modernagejazz Total team win, which is the best kind!


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