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Game 19 Jazz vs. Clippers: 41-0 no longer within the realm of possibility

December 4, 2012


** Tyrone Corbin, post-game: We’re doing whatever we can to try and get opportunity to get [to the line]. We’re going inside and you know, we’re an attack inside team first. So, for whatever reason, other teams seem to get more free throws than we do.
** Al Jefferson, post-game: I think for the most part, we played well. Sometime that what hurts the most. Leave it all on the line like that, and still lose.
** Al Jefferson, post-game: [Staying aggressive] is what we gotta do. Hope that the referee gods look down on us one day.
** Mo Williams, post-game: It’s tough right now, but I’ll go have dinner with my wife, and we’ll go home and watch a movie. It’ll be all right…I’m a “Sons of Anarchy” fan, so I got that Tivo’ed. I missed the last two shows, so I’ll probably watch both of those before we go to sleep.
** Paul Millsap, post-game: These past few games, you know, it’s been a defensive battle for us. We’ve been exposed defensively these past few games. So we gotta get back to the basics, try to get better at it.


Random Stuff, etc.
** Jerry Sloan was at the game with Mark Eaton. Jerry was apparently shown on the Clippers broadcast, but not on the Jazz broadcast.
** This really is random, but I just never noticed before that Johnnie Bryant and Brad Jones aren’t involved in team huddles. Bryant is a player development assistant, but Jones is (at least officially) a player development coach and assistant coach.

bryant jones

Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines of the Night (UDQM)
** Marvin Williams at shootaround on moving around after his concussion: When I first did it, I probably had a solid headache for two straight days.
** Marvin Williams at shootaround on the absence of Derrick Favors: It’s huge. He gives that comfort as a perimeter player to get up and pressure your man a little bit more, because you know if you get beat, he’s probably coming on that backside.
** Boler on Griffin: Millsap rides him on the belt.
** Boler on Mo: He and Chris Paul went at each other in practice every day.
** Boler on the ticket promo: This is a $90 package. Tonight you can get it for $40.
** Boler: Boy, that was late. Ken Mauer blew it on the baseline. (H/T @bjcseven)
** Harpring on Bledsoe: Trying to show you what a muscle looks like.
** Harpring: This is why DeMarre Carroll was inserted. He gives you some energy.
** Harpring: I always want three fist pumps a game, Boler. We’ve got one tonight. Need two more. Boler: I have a feeling there’ll be a pump or two left.
** Harpring: That’s just too hard, for Big Al Jefferson.
** Boler: You knew what was coming. Harpring: You knew what was coming.
** Mo Williams on his last shot: I knew it was gonna be tough to get a good one off.
** Randy Foye, post-game: We definitely let it slip a little bit, but you know, it happens.

dmc udqm

(Utah Jazz)

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