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Game 14 Jazz at Kings: Roadkill

November 25, 2012

Sarcastic applause seems to be an appropriate way to recap this game.

Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines of the Night (UDQM)
** Harpring on Favors: His moves are coming. They’re coming. They’re coming. You like to see them coming, Boler.
** Boler: Tinsley having some trouble penetrating, loses it.
** Harpring on Earl: 7 minutes at a time, 10 minutes at a time, work his way back into a groove.
** Harpring: Dribble with the head down.
** Kings guy: Millsap again shooting blanks. (H/T @highfives4life)
** Boler: That was a quick release off the hand of Thornton.
** Harpring on Foye checking in: Gotta see if Foye is still your hot man.
** Harpring: Show it to them, Big Al, down low. (H/T @surlymae)
** Boler: Jefferson pushed out by Cousins, five to shoot.
** Harpring on DeMarcus Cousins: You got 270 lbs. coming right at you, and what a finish!
** Harpring on Thomas Robinson: I wasn’t sure last night, but this rookie is showing me some things.
** Thurl on Earl: He comes in, he doesn’t hurt you at all.

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