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Get to Know: Alec Burks (aka Alex Borks)

November 16, 2012
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From David Locke’s “Get to Know” series with Jazz players.

“Alec Burks. 6’6″; 208; Colorado University; Kansas City, MO; @alecburks10 on Twitter.”

That’s my heart right there. Everything she’s done for me in my life, you know, I couldn’t repay her…She did whatever she needed to do to make sure me and my brother was all right…She worked, she cleaned, she cooked, she did everything, and that’s why I love her.

It was a good day in the home when…
When we was all together. When we was all together, having fun together.

Greatest high school sports moment
Going to [the state championships] with my five friends. We all started, you know, and it was just the brothers, you know, it was just the best time of my life….We got to [the championship] game and lost. It was crazy.

First teacher/coach/mentor to see something special
My assistant varsity coach in high school. His name is Reggie Morris. He brought that spark out of me. He saw a pro when I didn’t even know what I was going to be in life. I respect him for that, and I thank him everyday for that.

[How did he do that?] I don’t know, he just seen a kid that wasn’t trying hard, that wasn’t working hard, you know. He said, “If you worked hard, you can do something with the basketball.” That’s why I did it.

[What made you believe him?] I trusted him. He was a no-nonsense type of guy, you know, and I just believed him, and it worked out.

Rapid fire
** First pair of basketball shoes: Probably some Pennys. Air Pennys.

** First car you ever drove, and how old were you: My mama’s ’96 Chrysler. I was probably, like, 14,15. She prolly don’t know to this day.

** First car you ever owned: My Camaro I bought out of the draft.

** Favorite meal: A Gates beef [?] sandwich from Gates Restaurant out in Kansas.

** What was on the walls of your childhood room: Nothing…My mom wouldn’t have played that. It was a plain room, but I had pictures on my door. [What pictures?] T-Mac, I think my mom put a Scripture up, and something else. I forgot what else was on it. [Do you remember the Scripture?] Nah. Something in Jeremiah, I think.

** If you were an actor, what kind of actor would you want to be? I wanna be like “He Got Game,” Jesus [Shuttleworth], if I did a movie.

So not Denzel, but another Denzel mention.

** If you could have dinner with three people, dead or alive, who would they be? Jay-Z, Malcolm X, and Nipsey Hussle.

** First-ever game winner: I was in high school, and it was some little summer league game. We was down one; tried a jumper in the corner and it went in, and everyone went crazy. 10 people went crazy.

** First dunk: Probably sophomore summer, playing AAU in Kansas City. Just warming up, and got a dunk.

** Superpower you’d pick: Teleport. Just be anywhere I wanted to be.

** First video game ever played: Prolly NFL Blitz.

** Worst job or family chore you ever had: Oh man, we had dogs, so you had to clean up the dog…poo. I hated that. Worst thing ever.

** Who would you rather play with in their prime, Stockton or Malone? I’ll play with John. John love to pass, so I’ll love to catch a ‘oop from him.

** Best Halloween costume: I don’t even know…I ain’t dressed up in a long time.

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