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@ BOS: Opponent Game Thread Highlights

November 15, 2012
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Today’s Opponent Game Thread host: Celtics Blog.

Terry against Haywood will be….interesting.
Another test for the C’s ability to defend their glass against the Jazz’s many bigs.

My money’s on JET demolishing Hayward, scalping him, and wearing that mop as a victory wig for his post-game interview.
The first question, of course, will be “why did you feel the need to scalp Hayward as the buzzer sounded?”
And the JET will smile, flex his Larrycaun tattoo and mumble something about “voices” while Tommy and Mike cheer and the fans will go wild.

Friday the 13th, a machete-wielding Jason Vorhees terrorizes a bunch of people who look like Gordon Hayward.
Wednesday the 14th,, a headband-wielding Jason Terry terrorizes a dude who is Gordon Hayward.
It’s science.

I’d like to see Jeff Green get extended minutes alongside Pierce against Gordon Hayward.
Hayward struggles with physically powerful SFs and both Pierce + Green are well equipped to take full advantage of that.

I’m not so excited about the size Utah can bring off the bench, though.
Favors will give Sully and Bass all they can handle at the 4.
Also, when did Kanter stop being “fat?”

Sweet interview with Big Al! Celtic for life, and nice to hear he still supports his old teammates, Doc and Paul. Hope he scores 50.

Mr October
Jazz have a lot of good players. This will be a tough game…
Lets go Celtics!

KG’s shot not going so far.
Utah’s bigs are really good.

Millsap having his way

Mr October
Celtics r making him look like Lebron James out there. :(

We don’t match up well with the Jazz. They are too big and too good inside.

Jazz not taking advantage of Hayward’s obvious height advantage, but rather killing the Celtics through Millsap’s offense.

Mr October
I like Green going at Hayward.

And that Favors kid is going to be a heck of a player.

These refs are absolutely brutal! Phantom fouls all over the place and Favors has shot 12 free throws already!

hayward killing us. can we use lee on him?

Hayward always seems to have amazing nights against us.

Refs are a joke

this announcer I have to listen to is killing me , he hates the Celtics

keep ball out of hayward hands

OH MY, I’m so giddy right now

Mr October
This Celtic team is growing as a team right before our eyes!!

European NBA fan
I can’t believe that our two best offensive players are on the bench right now. Very efficient basketball.

Neurotic Guy
This game in serious jeopardy. C’s need to be able to stop Al and KG has got to be tired after playing the whole 4th (or close to it). Pierce had a great rest — but maybe too much rest.

Paul is way out of sync tonight…please go to Jeff Green and KG down the stretch!

What!?! You don’t like the patented Paul Pierce dribble off your own foot and flail your arms iso?

I laughed so hard at this.

This team needs to learn how to hold and keep leads because man they know how to lose a lead like it’s nothing.

Neurotic Guy
Big stop now — let’s go!

Knew Mo was gonna chuck that one way or another.
Up 3 now, just get a miss and a board.

Oh, laughable call.

Oh wow. That’s awful.

Roy H.
Bad call right there. Aren’t we supposed to get the calls at home?

Come on these refs are unreal :O

Celtics have gotten shafted this entire season by the refs

Neurotic Guy
That was pretty amazingly bad officiating.

The refs straight up suck. How are you calling bogus fouls on the team’s homecourt? The Celtics can’t even get home calls.

Nice to get a W.

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  1. SurlyMae permalink
    November 16, 2012 12:44 am

    I think D.o.s. might be a sociopath.

    • November 16, 2012 10:56 am

      I’m surprised they didn’t delete that comment.


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