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Bits from Randy Rigby Interview, 11/7

November 12, 2012
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What’s it like when the Lakers come to town?
This is exciting. You know what? It, it’s, you’re seeing the best of the best here playing in Salt Lake City, and to be able to have Kobe [Bryant] here, Dwight Howard, [Pau] Gasol, I mean, this is a, a very talented team. Highest-paid team in the, in the league. And, but, it, it’s, you know what? It’s exciting for people to be able to know and come down and watch this kind of competition that’s gonna go on.

Checketts, Monson and Rigby share hunting stories following a Karl Malone mention
** Spencer Checketts shot a bird with a BB gun when he was 10 and made his mother cry.
** Gordon Monson shot a possibly endangered robin with a BB gun when he was eight.
** Somewhere in his youth, or childhood, Randy Rigby once stumbled across a covey of quail and proudly brought his kill back home…only to find out the quail were his mother’s pets.

BTW, Checketts wants you to know that “Les Olsen and Company brings you Randy Rigby every Thursday, every Wednesday, excuse me.”

On the Jazz starting 1-3
I hope our fans understand it’s a long season. We’ve got 82 games here. And so, let’s not get overly, we’ve got to look at what the weighting happens early on, we’ve got a lot of road games here. And more than we’ve ever had before. And so, and we’ve got a team that has a lot of new faces, that have not really come to gel in, in really NBA-style play.

I mean, yes, it, there was something to be said about preseason, but now, we’re in the season when everything counts. And so, they’re still working a lot together to learn how to play together, I, coach is continuing to work on the right rotations and when, and so I, I think there’s some, a lot of things that we’re learning.

We had a great meeting yesterday, with Dennis [Lindsey] and Kevin [O’Connor] as we talked about this, and we all came out of there saying, “Let’s not overreact,” and we don’t want our fan base to overreact, early in the season, when we’ve got so many games on the road. I think it’s gonna be good in a lot of ways, that it’s gonna force this team to become a better play, team, on the road, because of the number of these early games.

Can you mention in the next meeting that Derrick Favors needs more playing time?
Well, you know what’s interesting? And, and, I think Gordon, you know Kevin O’Connor and Dennis Lindsey, and all of us, there’s very good discussion about that very thing. I mean, these are great assets on our team, from, from Paul [Millsap], to Al [Jefferson], to Derrick, to Enes [Kanter], and we have very good lively discussion on that very thing, and, so, as d–as does our coach, and this is something that we want–we’ll continue to work on.

Randy Rigby, Unintentional Dirty Quote Machine (UDQM)
On how fans would be able to ask him questions on Twitter: My wife might like that, to be able to get a hold of me.

Gordon Hayward vs. Kobe Bryant
I think Gordon Hayward has been a very good competitor on competing against him, and in fact, if I’m not mistaken, there’s been a few articles from yourself [Gordon Monson], or some others even, talking about how he competed, and it’s actually bothered Kobe to the point that I think he likes to, I mean, a little bothered that this Gordon Hayward has actually competed against him and kinda shut him down, as best as you could shut down a, a, a, you know, a Kobe Bryant.

Enes Kanter looked great in the preseason…
Checketts: …but for two straight games now, he has looked like a lost kid at Ikea when he’s stepped on the floor.
Monson: Stop saying that.
Checketts: I love it…I invented it Gordon, I’m taking it.
Monson: Who wants a kid lost at Ikea?
Checketts: All right, lost kid at Lagoon. How about that?
Rigby: Or, lost kid at Les Olsen Company…looking for documents.

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  1. SurlyMae permalink
    November 13, 2012 12:21 am

    Dang but these interviews make me shake my head in embarrassment.


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