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Bits from Randy Rigby Interview, 10/31

November 5, 2012
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On the Jazz’s wonderfully affordable ticket packages
I just came back from New York, and I’ll tell ya, I just had, in one restaurant, just a, a half of a Diet Coke was $8.*

* What restaurant is this that serves half-Cokes?

On the Jazz’s depth
Thank goodness we’ve got some depth…sometimes I think, “You know what? If we have one or two players down, then our depth plays into our hand also, still having eight strong players that we can turn to.”

With his option picked up, does Tyrone Corbin now have the freedom to focus on both the present and the future?
I think some NBA teams, and even some teams in professional sports, they give the authority to a coach and then they seem to leave, and it’s just the coach and his own team. That’s never been Jazz basketball style. We’ve had an owner. We’ve had a front office. We then have a coaching staff that I think works very closely together…

I, I don’t think we’re one to, he does his own thing and th– and we’re gone. There’s regular communication. There’s regular assessment. There’s regular discussion of what we, collective we as an organization, want to do to improve and the changes that we need to make. And I think that helps take pressure off of Tyrone…

And the [extension] was a sign, a, an indication to Tyrone, we believe in Tyrone, and we wanted to offer that extension, and have him have the comfort of knowing that, you know what, he’s part of this organization for the forseeable future.

On the Lakers’ additions of Steve Nash and Dwight Howard
Are those players going to be able to play together? And is, is, is age gonna catch up with them a little bit? Now, I think, I think Lakers are going to improve, but it was interesting to me last night that, right now, you judge it off of one night, that experiment was not a good investment.

Rigby’s sales pitch to the next big superstar
You know what? There’s gonna be, there’s a lot of players that maybe have gotten a ring with the Lakers, or with Boston. How many people, though, can say, “I was a player with the very first NBA championship in Utah with the Utah Jazz?” That to me makes it not only special, very special.

And that’s one thing I said when I talked to the team in the first of this year, is, you know what? I’m excited to see those players who wanna be a part of the first NBA championship team to bring it to Salt Lake City and to Utah.

On “superteams”
We’re one that have always been proponents of protecting and really building that competitiveness.

Rigby’s best-ever Halloween costume
I have to say, one of the funnest ones I ever did, and, I still remember, early on after my wife and I got married, we had a two-headed female, costume, that we had to, you know, go arm-in-arm in so th–’cause we only had one arm coming out of the costume. They* put on some fake [silence], uh, and, on us, and then we had two heads with kind of hats on us, and it was, it was quite hilarious ’cause we had to also do everything together.

* Who is “they”?


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  1. modernagejazz permalink
    November 5, 2012 10:16 pm

    What a relief! Ty’s been getting help from Randy on his coaching!


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