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2012-2013 Utah Jazz Roster Breakdown, Part 1

October 28, 2012

We were once very white. We are very white no longer.

* Apart from “No. of Players,” the rest of the table does not take Raja Bell into account.

** Kevin Murphy is the only player on the roster with no Playoff experience.

*** Per this site’s resident shoe expert, @Texas:

Think [Enes Kanter]’s still whoring his feet like last year. Doesn’t seem to be locked into a contract, I’ve seen him in Nike, Jordan and [Under Armour].

Those pink shoes Enes wore for breast cancer earlier this month were Under Armour.

Said this last year, but I can say it again: Two has got to be the fewest number of white guys ever carried by the Utah Jazz, right?

Random Fact #1: Derrick Favors is exactly five days older than Alec Burks.

Random Fact #2: Kevin Murphy may be a rookie, but he’s older than all four of the kids (Kanter, Favors, Burks, and Gordon Hayward). He’s got 17 days on Hayward, and two years on Kanter.

Random Fact #3: Marvin Williams and Murphy are the only players on the Jazz roster that were not unceremoniously swept out of the Playoffs by the Spurs last season.

Random Fact #4: Last year, Josh Howard and Raja Bell were the only players on the Jazz roster with more than 1,000 minutes of Playoff experience. The two of them combined for 53% of the Jazz’s total Playoff experience. This year, we have four players in the 1,000-minute club: Jamaal Tinsley, Paul Millsap, Marvin, and Mo Williams. The four of them account for 79% of the Jazz’s total Playoff experience.

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