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Jazzy Photo Roundup #9

October 20, 2012

Weekly roundup of photos posted by and of our Jazzmen: former, present, and legendary.

Enes Kanter possibly wears a necklace of two brass balls:

Bad Carlos, poor Fes:

AK: “My ‘favorite’ daughter,” and “Retro photo. Me and Jeff Hornacek. :) miss him” (via @ak47wolf):

Via @mowilliams: “Another addition of #gottem. The slam dunk champ himself…… @jeremyevans”:

Randy Foye’s bedroom eyes:

Left, from @Enes_Kanter: “Shopping @ Melrose, just bought a new hat, How u guys like it ?”
Right, from @ManlyManThomas: “Enes kanter in the average college girls room”

No further information is available on what Enes was doing in said college girls’ room.

Via David Locke: “Derrick Favors shared that when he was a kid his childhood room had a copy of Slam Magazine on his wall and on the cover were now teammates then high school seniors Al Jefferson and Marvin Williams”:

The boys have been hitting the mall this weekend. Poor Gordon Hayward and Jeremy Evans cried when they found out they had been assigned to different groups. (via @_mattsanchez and @utahjazz, respectively)

Paul Millsap and Enes Kanter, who Eurofied his sweats (smh) were also out and about (via @danbroncos):

As was Derrick Favors, who was all by his lonesome? (via @utahjazz):

Pretty cool of Mo Williams to wear a Gordon Hayward jersey (via @utahjazz) during the mall tour, even if he can’t spell Hayward’s name :)

Finally, a pic posted by someone that had the opportunity to partake in VIP dining at the ESA (though this is really more about the comment he got):

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