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Bits from Randy Rigby Interview, 10/17

October 19, 2012
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Randy Rigby is sponsored by the Les Olsen Company.

Corbin making adjustments
Ty Corbin is making some adjustuhments* to our offensive strategy to play more into that outside shooting game as well, and I think it’s going to be interesting to see how that, how that plays through.

* Not a typo.

On playing an uptempo game
We have ten players that are, we have a lot of depth in our team, that again allows us to play an uptempo style. You know what, if you’re gonna get, if you’re starting to get a little tired, let us know. We’ll, we’ll pull you out, let you get, catch your breath. We got other players who want to be out on the floor, who can keep that tempo going, and, and keep that, you know, that, high pace style play, that works for us.

Do you like it when Jazz players do put a little sauce on it?
I do. I’m, you know, I, I, I’m a, you know, we’re in the entertainment business, and there, there’s something to be said about what people come, they love to see that, you know, some exciting dunks, and, I mean, you look at last year, people loved it when, when Jeremy would get that alley-oop, maybe every time, it’s the Earl Watson and, and Jeremy come in the game, you knew sometime they were going to do that back dunk going on there, and the, the crowd would go wild.

And, and, we love entertaining people, and I think there’s a difference between “in your face,” or, or trying to, you know, over-showboat. But yet, putting some flare and, and flash to it, and hopefully we’ll have the right kind of balance of that, you know, showing some, some, some love for our fans.

Fast Times at Davis High
Rigby: I can’t tell you how much of that stick ’em spray I used to have to spray on my hands to see if I could try to help, hopefully, palm the ball. I don’t have the biggest hands. And so I’d have to use that, that, that glue stuff to help give me some, some stick there to, to try to do it.

Checketts: Hey Randy, whatever works.

Monson (talking over Checketts): They called me “Big Hands.” That was my nickname.

Unintentional Dirty Quote Machine
I’ll tell you what’s even fun, is, I talk about, you know, sometimes, people talk about going 10-deep. But I’ll tell ya, you can go even deeper than that.

On Enes Kanter
I’ll tell ya, he’s, he’s been able to perform and show to me so far that he can come and make an immediate impact when he comes on the floor. And so, you know, if he’s gonna get eight minutes or 10 minutes or whatever the number of minutes, he seems to be coming in and immediately being a person who continues that, that intensity for a game, and I’ve been happy to see that.

Is Kanter Salt Lake’s most eligible bachelor?
Well, you know, you know what, I’ve been very proud to see him taking more control of, of, you know, and with, he’s had good conversations from his teammates, and just really realizing that, you know what, sometimes Twitter seems to be something fun and easy. But you now need to realize, and Enes now realizes, that, you know what, you’re more than just a 20-year-old. You’re a, you’re a professional athlete on the Utah Jazz, and there’s a responsibility that we expect you to play and a role that you need to play, and, and to watch yourself, and, and he’s committed to do that, and we appreciate it.

On preferred preseason lineups
I’ve got, I think, a great coach with Ty Corbin, and I, I’m totally comfortable in giving Ty the autonomy and support from, from the front office, to really make that call based on how he sees, of what we need to win the game. I think w–, Jazz baskizaball* is about winning, and, and the tr–the right kind of combinations to put on the floor that’s going to give us the best chance of beating each game so that we can make the Playoffs and have a championship-caliber team.

* Not a typo.


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  1. October 19, 2012 11:47 pm

    “Randy Rigby is sponsored by the Les Olson Company”

    This cracked me up.


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