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Training Camp Odds and Ends

October 12, 2012
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** On team chemistry: It’s not where we want it to be, but we only had so much time to be prepared thus far, so we gotta continue to work at it. We still got the entire preseason to work on that, so in due time we will get it down pat.

** On Jerry Sloan: With Jerry, also with Phil [Johnson], always stayed in contact with those guys. I always checked up on Jerry in the summertime. That’s just the respect that I have for those guys, not knowing that I’ll be back one day.
** Still referring to Enes Kanter as “Ee-nis.

(original pic via @utahjazz)

** On the Jazz’s new long-range threats: Guys on this team can shoot it. Obviously Mo can shoot. Randy can really shoot. And I’ve been able to knock down some three-point shots throughout my career. So those shots will come. I don’t think anybody’s gonna go out there and try jacking up five a game* or anything like that.

* This cracked me up. Because five is, like, so unthinkably many!

** Drew the short straw in “Talk like Ty to the media”: What do you hope to accomplish in the next few weeks? Like I said, just continue to get better, man. Continue to get better, continue to become more comfortable playing with guys, and continue to become more comfortable within the system, and hopefully by the time the regular season starts, I’ll be ready to go.

** How were you approached to play for the Select Team? It’s just one of those things when the USA [committee], they just kind of approach you and ask you to be a part of the Select Team. It’s kind of hard to turn them down. A goal of mine is to eventually try to compete for an Olympic roster spot, and that’s the first step. So it was good for me to be able to go out there and play against those guys.

Were you surprised to be approached for the Select Team? I don’t know if I was surprised. I have a lot of strong beliefs in the myself, and I think I can accomplish a lot in this league. Like I said, it was a good first step. (More at Fast Life Show)

** What the coaching staff wants to see him work on: Just become a better defender. I can always work on being a great defender and stuff like that, ’cause I can score the ball. Everybody know that, but I gotta do the other things too.

** With the new additions to the roster, do you now see the three-point shot as a weapon at your disposal? We’d like to have the ability to use it, when it’s appropriate. We don’t search out three-pointers just to search ’em out. It’s a shot that we wanna have in the bag when the appropriate time’s there. We wanna feel comfortable that we can shoot and make ’em. [So the team’s philosophy in that respect hasn’t changed?] No, no… Everybody know that right now, the way we’re built, coming out of last year is that we’re an inside team first, and we still want to pound the ball inside to get outside jump shots, whether those are mid-range shots, little longer two-point shots, or three-point shots.

** How do you feel about [Alec Burks’] development as a player? Alex?

** Where does Burks most need to improve? Just continuing to get experience in this league, and minutes on the floor will help that. And, and just–playin’. And that’s gon come with time in getting used to playing at this level.

** What are you looking for from preseason game one to two? Well, some growth. We gotta get more confident. We gotta be a little more controlled. We gotta come out ready to play from the beginning. And execution-wise, especially on the defensive end of the floor, we gotta communicate more. We can’t give up things that we talk about in the scouting report that we want to take this part away, to push them to this area. We gotta get a little better doing that.

Are you scouting opponents right now? We haven’t had a full scouting report just yet, no. Coaches have an idea what teams to do so we can walk through stuff in the morning, but we don’t have a full walk-through, no.

** On the versatility of Marvin Williams: You know, for a guy his size, and you know, really he can play “three” or “four,” whether he’s a better three- or four-man I don’t know. But you know, being his size, he can run with the best of them. He can run with some two-guards. He can bang with some four or five guys on the post. So, his versatility is high. I like the fact that at three, we can post him against most three-men in this league. You know, you look at a big man like [Kevin] Durant. He can guard a longer three in Durant. So, we feel good about his versatility.

** What has impressed you most in training camp? The work ethic. These guys are really focusing in on coming to practice to work everyday to get better. And that’s from one to 18 or 17 that we have on the floor now. They’re working hard to get better.

Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines (UDQM)
** Tyrone Corbin: You go into the basket against big guys, you have to go with body first to go vertical, and not horizontal, because these guys are so big.
** Tyrone Corbin: Guys in this league can recover so quickly. And peripherally, you see ’em coming, so find out how can I still get to my point without rushing.
** Mo Williams: We all know how the NBA season goes. Guys go down, so our depth is gonna be really valuable for us.
** Gordon’s girlfriend (H/T @JazzmanJoey):

(Utah Jazz)

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