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Utah Jazz Media Day: The Geriatric Guards

October 2, 2012

Mo Williams
** We’re due for another boy in February….[being due during All-Star break] was the whole goal. We needed a week off. (laughs)

** We’re going to be tough. We’re going to be tough-minded. Obviously, I’m just a extension of Ty Corbin as can be, so I’m gonna be the guy on the court leading the team, but it’s gonna be a reflection of Ty. He’s gonna put his imprint on what we want to do and how we wanna play, and I’m just gonna go out and implement it.

** I like the athleticism of Alec Burke.* That stands out to me. I didn’t know he was that athletic. He just can play. He obviously grind this summer. That’s a word you hear him use a lot. “‘Cause Imma grind it.” And he showed me he grind this summer. He’s looking really good…Marvin [Williams]’s another guy. He’s a legit 6’9″, but he can play the “three,” the “two,” he can shoot the ball really well…Obviously I know Al [Jefferson] pretty good, just been knowing him for a long time.

* Well, at least he got the first name right, which puts him one step ahead of Boler.

** On Burks: That’s one guy I’ll take under my wing. That’s for sure; I already have…even we was up here, we came and worked out, and I come back up that evening or that night to get shots up. I give him a call and I tell him Imma be here at seven. He’s here. So he shows me he wanna get the work, he wanna be better…when I called him and said I’m coming out here, coming back up to the gym and shoot, it’s the second workout of the day, in the summertime where you don’t even have to work out one day if you don’t want to. So he came back up and he did the workout. Didn’t complain one bit and did extra. So that shows me right there he has it in him and he’s gonna do whatever it takes to get better.

** On Randy Foye: Obviously, I know what Randy does. He’s tough. I mean, he can play “one” through “three.” He’s strong.

** UDQM: I always liked Marvin. Always liked Marvin…playing with him over the last couple weeks, coming in early, was great for me. I got the opportunity to see him do things that I didn’t know he could do.

** UDQM: The good thing about this team, we got a lot of depth, and a lot of players that can play a lot of different positions. Even myself.

Earl Watson
** I feel great. I feel 100 percent. I just gotta get my foundation back, so it’s going to take a little bit more time, but take it day by day…it’s hard to pick a certain day.

** I hate losing more than I like making money.

** On Mo Williams: I think he brings a swagger to our team. He’s definitely a great outside shooter, plays with a ton of confidence. I like him. He plays with a lot of fire…he knows the system, so it’s not like he’s completely new to it all. Of course there’s a lot of changes around as far as coaching, but everything’s pretty much the same.

** Ee-nis [Enes Kanter] physically looks amazing…watching him play, he’s making plays above the rim that he never would’ve made last year. Like he dunks on people down in the paint, and he’s talking trash running back down the court. So this Ee-nis guy is a new guy. It’s amazing to see it though.

** Ee-nis needs his own reality show. “Ee-nis Comes to Salt Lake.”

** On Enes’ confidence: Like anyone, male or female, if you lose a lot of weight, your confidence picks up. His confidence is really high, and he’s ready to get out there and he’s gonna have a great year. [Can Enes’ confidence be too high?] It can never be too high…off the court, probably too high, but on the court…

“Earl Watson pulled the veteran card to cut in line for pictures.” (via @utahjazz)

Randy Foye
** Married with two kids, one on the way.

** We live in a place in New Jersey with a lot of deers. It’s just that the deers are much bigger here.

** What made you choose the Jazz? I just felt as though it was right. Sometimes you say, “I can go there, I can go there,” but it’s right…I’m not coming here to party and be out, see the nightlife. I’m coming here to play basketball, and that’s the reason why I felt this the best place.

** You bring… I’m gonna bring toughness. I’m gonna bring smarts. And I’m gonna bring playmaking and shooting to the game.

** What position will you play? I’m a combo guard, so I’m guessing Imma play both. [Are you all right with that?] I’m cool, I guess…I would rather play “two” than “one,” but we’ll see…They know. He, coach, watch me. So he know. He watched me when we been playing here. So they know.

** Start or come off the bench? We didn’t really talk about that, but obviously you know why I was brought here. But the biggest thing for me is to win. I’m not really concerned, I know I’m going to be on the court. My biggest concern is to win.

** Me and Al was the one-two punch in Minnesota, and then me and Mo, I started [in L.A.], Mo backed me up. He was like the sixth man coming off [the bench] as the spark. We just had a great relationship no matter what was going on with the organization at the time. We just always stayed close and understood that it’s a business, and when I saw Mo came here and Kevin [O’Connor] was going back and forth with my agent, I just said, “Man, this is the place for me.”

Jamaal Tinsley
** ???

(Utah Jazz)

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