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Utah Jazz Media Day: Enes Kanter

October 2, 2012

Wasn’t planning on giving him his own post, but it was out of my hands.

Enes Kanter
** I tweeted. I tweeted everything my Twitter account.

** What’s been the reaction to your photos? Oh, they love it. All the girls, guys, everybody love it. I put those photos, I didn’t try to, like, show anything. I just try to show, like, I’m working out, like I been working really hard.

** Did the Jazz talk to you about your tweets? Yeah, some tweets they said something. Some tweets they said they like it, some tweets they said they didn’t like it. I understand. They sit and talk to me about it. I understand. I know better now.

* This tweet went out after Media Day:

This chick’s self-esteem probably plunged to an all-time low since she didn’t get a “baby.” On the other hand, she did get Enes’ first “xo” (I think).

** David Locke: You look good.

Enes: I look good right?

Locke: You look good.

Enes: I tried.

Locke: How did this happen?

Enes: Just work hard, you know. Just eat right, work hard, and just take care of my body…So this is what happened. So after the season, when the season over, I was like, around 270. Then when the season over, I went back to see my family. I stayed there for like, 10 days, 12 days. I came back, I was 293. I was 293, and I saw Kevin, I saw Coach Ty, I saw, you know, the other Jazz player. Coaches, they said, “Whhhhh, like, what is this?”, you know what I mean? So, and then I said don’t worry about it, I can lose it, whatever. So they were really worried about it, because I was 293.

And I was like, taking my shirt off in the mirror, I was like, “Oh my gosh,* I have to lose weight.” So I just ate right. Because you know, when I was in [Utah] I never eat, like, really, home-cooked meal. So when I was in [Turkey], my mom cooked, so I was just eating and watching TV and everything. So I gained like 23 lbs. And then I came back and I was 293. And then I just work hard and eat right, and just try to take care of my body. So right now I’m around 242…I lost like 51 lbs. in two months…I worked out hard.

* I wasn’t editorializing; he really said “gosh.”

** What did your dad think of your rookie season? He was happy I finally get to play, you know, because after high school, college, lockout, he was so happy I get to play. And he loves Jazz, because of, you know, Memo [Okur]. I love Jazz too because of Memo too, ’cause when I was growing up, I was always watching Utah Jazz. So he was so happy that I was in the right time, with the right people, you know, really good area. He loves Utah, ’cause it looks like east side of Turkey, so where he born. [Has he been out to Utah?] No, because of his jobs and everything, so they were really busy. [So you went through last season without any family coming to visit you.] Yeah, it was really tough.

** You didn’t say a word for the first two months of last season… No, ’cause I didn’t know the people, never been in the NBA before. So I didn’t know how to react, how to talk to people and everything. And then after two, three months, I started talking with Al [Jefferson], Jamaal [Tinsley], [Paul] Millsap, you know, other veteran players. They made me feel so comfortable. They made me feel like I’m at home, like here is my Utah Jazz my home. So that’s why I was like, I was really happy to be here, and I’m so happy to be like, you know, have my second year with the great guys, with the great coaching staff and everything. So I’m really happy.

** You were always texting your first two months. That texting got me lots of trouble because I was like, always using my phone even like before the game, after the game and stuff. So, and then Al told me, “Don’t use your phone.” And then I didn’t listen to him. I use it again. And he told me, third time, he said, “This is your last warning. If you use it again, like, you’ll see.” I said, “OK,” and then I use my phone again. So one day we were playing against Portland in Portland. I came back, I look for my phone, I can’t find my phone. So they hide my phone. They didn’t give my phone back. So I just try to find my phone, like, two hours. So we went to plane, we landed, they still didn’t give my phone, and then finally they said, “Never use your phone ever again or we gonna take it and, like, not give it back two, three days.” And then after that, I just never use my phone.

* I would just like to point out here that yours truly was the first and only person to break the Enes Kanter phone addiction story. Ha.

** On rookie hazing: First two, three months, they treat me real good. I seriously didn’t feel like rookie because I never bring any donut. Sometimes I would forget my pink backpack, so they didn’t care…So one time we were on the plane, they were making me serve food. So I just got so mad, because, “Hey, bring Coke. Bring Pepsi. Bring me chicken. Bring me this. Bring, I was so tired, and then I just got so mad. I was like, “I don’t feel like rookie. I don’t wanna do that. I don’t want to do these rookie things anymore.” So they said, “You don’t feel like a rookie now?” I said, “Yeah, I don’t feel like a rookie.” And then after that day, they just, like, made the whole year hell for me. It was really tough.

[But was it more fun, because it got you involved?]

Oh yeah, it was so much fun. I get to know them better. We had, like, better communication, better friendship. I think it help me a lot.

** How is Al Jefferson treating you now that you’re no longer a rookie? [sighs] I’m still a rookie. He told me I’m still a rookie, like as soon as he walked in the locker room, he said I’m still a rookie. I was like, how? He said last year because of the lockout, I play only 66 games. “So that’s why you have to play 82 games to be done with rookie.” So he said you still gonna be rookie in 16 more games. I’m like, oh my gaaaaah. So he still gonna make me do rookie things.

** The Enes Kanter Diet: I was eating really bad. You want me to talk about meal? OK, so first, my breakfast was like, I was eating omelet, six eggs, and like seven or eight pancakes, with like sugar, whipped cream, everything. And then a breakfast burrito. That was just my breakfast. And then I was coming to practice. And then my lunch was like, pasta, any kind, like chicken alfredo or whatever, and burger, and appetizer. That was my lunch. Dessert was dinnertime. Dinnertime, another burger, or like something big meal again, and dessert. So that was my just only one day meal…Right now, the only thing I’m eating just salad with no sauce or anything, and just only seafood…I made [the diet plan] myself. Enes Kanter Diet. I didn’t talk to any people. I just committed to lose weight, and I just did.

** On his role: My role is gonna be like last year. It doesn’t matter if I play like five minutes or 30 minutes. I’m not worried about my minutes. I’m just gonna go out there and just give 100 percent and try to do my best and help my teammates and just try to be a better teammate.

(Utah Jazz)

One more Media Day post later in the day.

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  1. SurlyMae permalink
    October 3, 2012 1:07 am

    ZOMG I giggled the whole way through. Thank you so much. He is TOTES ADORBS.

  2. modernagejazz permalink
    October 3, 2012 6:37 am

    This Kanter… Lol The Jazz probably hurried up to talk to him about the tweets before Gail herself got aware of them and had to interfere personaly! :P


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