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Jazzy Photo Roundup #5

September 12, 2012
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Weekly roundup of photos posted by our Jazzmen: former, present, and legendary.

Gordon Hayward (@gordonhayward) is *literally* too big, yo. His teammates weren’t kidding when they unanimously named him the cheapest player on the Jazz. “Smh super squished on the plane”:

This is the new planking. Jazz fans, don’t try this at home. You might die.

Enes Kanter (@eneskanter) is working/hanging out in L.A. ” The perks of training in L.A. Got a tour of Playboy corporate. They were great hosts!” / “L.A is hot baby!!! ;)”

Earl Watson (@earl_watson) and Gordon in Santa Barbara:

Somebody sure loves his Gucci. And by somebody, I mean Earl.

Memo Okur (@MehmetOkur13) and family at Legoland, where they (he) won six toys/prizes. On the right, we have Memo also loving Gucci shoes:

And Kanter’s Twitter blitz continues (it’s like whoever is tweeting from his account, whether it’s him or not, is trying to get him on TMZ). Here he is “Hanging with my boy Christopher Knight (AKA Peter Brady)” — because he really knows who Peter Brady is — and giving “a shout out to my new Latin Dance teacher Sandra, She is awesome ;)” Seriously, wut is this I don’t even.

Closing with an awesome pic of the Mailman rasslin’ via @kolbyfitz (I wouldn’t be surprised if we see something like this from Enes before the end of the summer):

I lied. Closing with this awesome video of Enes that you all have no doubt already seen (H/T @adijacjak):

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  1. SurlyMae permalink
    September 12, 2012 11:25 pm

    I want that shirt Earl is wearing!!! Thanks as always for the photos Moni, this has quickly become one of my fave things on your blog.


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