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Old man Karl was still a dunking machine

July 26, 2012
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In honor of the Mailman’s birthday, which just passed (his 49th, can you believe it?!), here is a new dunk mix by the fantastic JazzBasketball1. Watch this video, and then feel the realization dawn on you that Karl Malone was in his mid-30s in every single one of these highlights.


Other observations:
1) This really should be a side effect warning: watching the video makes you miss Hot Rod bad.
2) Remember back in the day when the announcer said “hammer,” and it meant an actual hammer dunk?
3) Look at middle-aged Karl run, and beat everyone down the floor. It makes me feel like the guys on our current roster run in molasses.
3) Stockton’s passes and Karl’s finishes. Karl could catch those precision passes, and Stock had the ability to throw them. So lucky they had each other.
4) Karl’s mom at 1:30!

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