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Summer League Games 4 and 5: Jazz “vs.” Pacers and Jazz “at” Thunder

July 14, 2012

Just a coupla pretty plays:

Just a coupla random thoughts and notes:
** Jazz in the Summer League: Lowe 1-1, Layden 1-1, Hornacek 1-0.
** For whatever it’s worth, Kendall Gill and Vince Cellini think Michael Stockton was the best defensive point guard in Orlando.
** I still just can’t help but love seeing Michael Stockton on the court. Jazz were undefeated with Stockton starting. :)
** Gill told a story about seeing Enes Kanter at dinner the previous night and Enes having three plates of food in front of him.
** Stockton, Alec Burks, and Blake Ahearn were the only Jazz players to average more than 1.6 assists per game. Ahearn tops that list with 2.4 APG.
** Kevin Murphy’s shot looks real good.

During Game 5, I kept thinking that that leggy, fluorescent green thing on the corner of my screen behind the baseline was KOC…

…but my suspicions were not confirmed until I saw this:

What gams!

Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines (UDQM)
Dennis Scott and Rick Kamla:
** Kamla: Miles Plumlee. The double does not come.
Scott: Burks got caught that time sneaking around, trying to get in there. Gotta make a decision. Go in there, double team, or get out of there.
** Scott on Tyler Hansbrough: I don’t mind my big guy being reckless and banging into people and wanting to feel you and touch you. Yeah, I want that guy on my team. I don’t want my big guy afraid of contact. I don’t want no Krispy Kreme guy around me. I want a guy, wanna get in there and mix it up. Get it in!

Kendall Gill and Vince Cellini:
** Morning play in central Florida. We hope you’re enjoying this early morning play.
** Oh my goodness. Jackson just shook him on that. Didn’t complete the play, but my gosh, what quickness.
** Cellini: Kanter with the putback! Gill: That’s what Kanter’s supposed to do. He’s supposed to make them pay when he get inside.
** Ahearn, once again going DEEP!
** Cellini: Ahearn, again, deep! Gill: Evans almost had the tip in.
** Cellini on Kanter: If you’re that big, shouldn’t you just ram that thing, slam that thing home?
Gill: Ram it home. Use your bulk, use your positioning, give me a strong finish, you know? Get a big, strong finish.
** Oklahoma is loaded at every position.
** One thing you notice about Evans: He has a BIG engine.

(KOC gams via Getty Images)

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  1. modernagejazz permalink
    July 14, 2012 10:51 pm

    Lol, awesome. I also couldn’t help but see KOC the whole time!


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