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Offseason Edition: Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines (UDQM)

July 8, 2012
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** (7/2) David Locke on Marvin Williams: He’s never come to his potential.

** (7/5) Matt Harpring on the Jazz’s need for outside shooting: When you got a guy that just can stand out there and have the threat of, even if it doesn’t go in, the threat of it going in is just as important.

** (7/5) Matt Harpring on Derrick Favors: I think he could still add some poundage to his body.

** (6/22) This conversation between 1280 and Phil Johnson:

/ Opening /

1280: I know you’re up there at Bear Lake. What you been up to over the last couple of weeks?

PJ: Well, I just put my boat in the water. Just got back from putting my boat in the water…

1280: Very nice!

PJ: …so you interfered with that.

1280: Phil, were you ever a water sports guy, or were you strictly fishing?

PJ: Not really. I learned to swim early, but we didn’t have a boat or anything growing up. We had a canal to swim in.

1280: Oh yeah, huh?

2nd 1280 guy: I’m picturing Phil as a dynamite wakeboarder, for some reason. I’ve just got that image in my mind.

PJ: No, I can drive a boat.

/ Closing /

1280: He is Phil Johnson, former Jazz assistant. He just got the boat in the water, and was still kind enough to give us a few minutes. Ahoy, Coach Johnson!

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