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Draft Day Quotage

June 30, 2012
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** Tyrone Corbin on the Jazz’s needs: Well, we can always use perimeter shooting. Consistent perimeter shooting is what we need, and we need 3-point threat that’s more consistent than what we had in the past, and just to get better at what we have. We need our big guys to get more experience on the floor, and get better there.

Seeing as how “consistent/inconsistent” is C.J. Miles’ buzzword, a lil payback for C.J.’s locker room cleanout comments (which weren’t even that bad)?

** Corbin on Mo Williams: He somebody else player now. I don’t really care to talk about him much.

** Corbin on Kevin Murphy’s shooting: He’ll have to continue to work at it in this league, ’cause guys are bigger, guys are stronger. They’re smarter about how they get into your body. So that work will show, and he understand how to continue to work to get better…That’s one of the things that’s intriguing about [him], the way he’s put in the work to continue to get better.

** Jeff Hornacek on the Jazz’s need for shooters: Jerry [Sloan] didn’t have to set up a play for me to get an outside shot, ’cause we had Karl [Malone] down there that drew a lot of attention.* And with our guys, Al Jefferson, and Derrick Favors hopefully,** and Enes [Kanter] in there, and Paul [Millsap], that we need some guys to spread the floor. You have, I think, Gordon [Hayward] will shoot the ball…Devin [Harris] can make them. The more guys you have out there to spread the floor for those big guys, the better.

* Sublime flashbacks of an offense with constantly moving parts and a ball that moved around the floor. Ahhhh.

** “Hopefully”?

** Kevin O’Connor on what about Kevin Murphy caught his eye: His ability to shoot the ball. I think obviously all the, all the scribes around here have been suggesting that that’s what we needed, and I, for once I happen to agree with them…The second thing is, he’s a legitimate 6’6″. So he’s got good size.

** KOC on when Murphy first came across his radar: Not this year, but a year ago at the, at the tournament. His, his conference tournament, and then I think we saw him three times in person…and then he went to all the workouts in Chicago and I think Minnesota. I mean New Jersey. I’m not sure if, I think he was in Minnesota. They run together a little bit now. You know, he showed up for all of them, and, so that was something that was, that was important to us too. … We interviewed him twice.

** KOC on Michael Kidd-Gilchrist: Sometimes there’s more to the package than just what’s inside it, you know, and, he has stuff outside his package. I think that’s very important. [pause]

[That’s not me saying “pause”; the 1280 guys really paused.]

** KOC on Kevin Murphy: Kevin didn’t work out for us, ’cause he thought he was going to be taken higher, and that’s what happens with a lot of guys.

** KOC on the Jazz’s free agency assets: We’ve got the mid-level, we’ve got the trade exception, we’ve got Androi, Andrew, Andrei Kirilenko’s contract if we didn’t want to bring him back and we can work, you know, with another team. We got the bi-annual, and we got assets that we can trade in, you know, in a heads-up kind of thing.

** KOC on Ante Tomic: He’s going to play with his national team this summer, and, and right now he’s, I th–, he’s negotiating I think another contract with CSKA over there.* And right now there’s no room in the inn for him, and, and, in all honesty, he probably didn’t have as good a year as he wanted to this year. So, you know, he makes a lot of money over there, and he’s, he’s got to explode and become a terrific player over there and then we’ve got to pay him and then he can get out of his contract.

* Tomic has only played for two teams in his career. Neither of them is CSKA, or in Russia.

** KOC on which Jazz player he received the most inquiries about: Derrick Favors.

“Derrick Favors” is the short answer. KOC’s actual answer: “I’d rather probably not go into that, but I think you can guess. He lives in Georgia…yeah, he’s, you know, he’s a kid that went to Georgia Tech. But outside of that I don’t want to say.”

** KOC: Everyone cheats about half an inch or so, or an inch.

** KOC on moving up in the draft: Nobody really was that interested; obviously, they weren’t interested in doing it with anybody else either.

** KOC on Mo Williams: I’ve always said [letting him go] is my worst mistake.


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  1. SurlyMae permalink
    July 1, 2012 9:43 am

    So many thanks for the awesome quotage.

  2. July 3, 2012 9:55 am

    Thanks for all the reports.
    We knew letting Mo go was a mistake. Maybe he should run things buy the fan sights now that we have them. :)

  3. July 7, 2012 3:51 am

    Wait, KOC got calls for Matt Harpring and he didn’t pull the trigger???


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