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AK and Masha profiled in Vogue Russia

June 28, 2012

As the title of the post says.

The article is mainly about (the history of) their relationship, but the reporter of course asked about the great mystery that is Mormons and Utah. [The title of the article is “Masha and Mormons.”] Masha says that it’s a conservative state, but not as conservative as everyone thinks because it also has the most gay people per capita in the States.

AK voices his doubt on this statistic, and Masha tells him to Google it. He does, and says SLC isn’t even in the top ten. Masha concludes with something along the lines of “OK, fine, but it’s still not as ‘wilderness’ as everyone thinks,” and that to her, Mormons and good people are one and the same.

The article also says that once the Olympics are over, the Kirilenkos will be going to SLC to pack and move to New York because AK is going to play for the Nets. Don’t know what (if anything) got lost in translation there–especially since the article closes with a line about Masha not being very eager to move to New York–but AK has said in every interview I’ve read since he left Utah that Utah remains his top choice. *shrug*

Update (July 1) : Thanks (a million) to Gleb Doc, we now have a real translation of the above excerpt!

In August Andrei Kirilenko will go to the Olympics in London. And after, his family will return to his “almost-native” Salt Lake CIty and will begin to pack things. New York awaits them, first Russian owner of a professional sports team in America – Mikhail Prokhorov. He wishes to see Kirilenko on the roster of his New Jersey Nets.

Masha isn’t too eager to go to New York (“For some reason me and that city aren’t getting along”). Still though, they need to go there. Masha and Andrei, their family represents Russia’s breakthrough into civilization. And it is urgent for us to announce something positive about ourselves. Masha and Andrei, we need you. Please advertise/promote Russia.

Article here, though you’ll need Google Translate. And if you don’t need Google Translate, wanna translate it for me?

Real basketball-related post tomorrow! Yay!

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  1. Gleb permalink
    June 29, 2012 4:07 am

    Gleb Dok here from slcdunk (gleb_doc on twitter). I’ll be happy to translate some parts for you, ones that got “lost in translation”, just let me know…

  2. Jen Babs permalink
    July 2, 2012 4:05 pm

    I just love this!


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