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Jazz work out some more prospects I am not overly familiar with

June 24, 2012
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JaMychal Green (Alabama forward)
** 10th workout; two to go
** What position would you play in the NBA? Stretch four. I think my primary position would be the power forward, but I play the three some. A lot of teams told me they can see me playing the three, so just trying to work on my ball-handling and my jump shot.
** What would you bring to the Jazz? A lot of energy. I’ve been working on my mid-range shot, so knock down all the mid-range shots, and defending, and rebounding.
** What do you know about the Jazz? Would it be a good fit? Yeah, it would be. They are a pretty good team, kind of young. They get after it. They had a great run this year. I know a couple of players, and I just know they a up and down team, 1-4, they can play on the perimeter, so it’s a good team.

Scott Machado (Iona point guard)
** 17th workout
** What would you bring to an NBA team? I’m a point guard, and I can run a team. I know how to get everybody open. I’m a playmaker. I know how to select the perfect shot, pretty much. Know how to get the best shot on the floor, at the right time.
** Impressions of the Jazz? You got a lot of talent here, and I feel like they could get over the top here. I feel like they have a group of guys that know how to play. I feel like, it’s just something missing.
** Do the Jazz feel like a good fit? Oh yeah. I feel like they got a bunch of good players here, and I feel like Devin Harris does a good job at the point guard spot. I feel like they could use somebody that knows how to contribute the ball, and knows how to get everybody involved as well as just helping out themselves, but I mean, it’s a good spot. I feel comfortable here.
** Still have bad feelings from the BYU game? Yeah. Yes, sir.

Darius Johnson-Odom (Marquette guard)
** 9th and probably last workout
** What do you know about the Jazz? I feel like it would be a great situation for me, just ’cause of Coach Corbin. In his playing days, he was a tremendous defender, always played with a lot of passion and heart, and I think that’s what the team is looking for…Utah have a great young team. Gordon Hayward, Harris, Jefferson, great guys that complement each other, not just one superstar. So a great team like they have, I think is tremendous of what he has done in the previous year.
** What would you bring to the Jazz? Just a spark off the bench. Defender, very quick, very good in transition, just a great teammate. Imma be here working, trying to help everyone, trying to make everyone better.
** Draft predictions? I have a good feeling of getting picked. I don’t know where it’s gonna be, and I don’t mind if it’s in Utah.

John Shurna (Northwestern forward)
** 11th workout; two to go
** What do you know about the Jazz, and what would you bring to the team? Gordon Hayward was my roommate for USA basketball. So I know Gordon a little bit; he’s a good guy who loves his girlfriend. I think I bring shooting and I think I’d be a good energy guy off the bench that can make hustle plays and make winning basketball plays for this team.
** How was the Jazz workout different than other teams? Each workout has its own differences. It’s a fun environment anytime you get to see these head coaches, Jeff Hornacek, it’s a lot of fun.
** On Gordon Hayward: He’s just a good guy. We enjoy hanging out, we still talk from time to time. He’s a great guy and a great player that’s continuing to get better each year.

Dee Bost (Mississippi St. point guard)
** 8th workout
** What would you bring to the Jazz? I bring a lot of defense and energy, and I’m a competitor, so I don’t like to lose. Every day, I try to come out and get better.
** Position? I consider myself on offense as a one, and I can guard the one and two.

Also present: Scoop Jardine (Syracuse guard).


Reggie Hamilton (Oakland point guard)
** 7th workout
** What do you know about the Jazz? Got some great players come out of this franchise. John Stockton, I was a huge fan of him, and Hornacek. Back in the day, those [were] great guards to watch as a little one. But you know, I was a fan of the Chicago Bulls, so unfortunately, two of those greats, Karl Malone as well, they couldn’t get a ring, but still great players to watch and try to imitate their game.
** What would you bring to the Jazz? Just bring that hard-nosed competitor and being a leader on the floor and just hard work ethic as well. I’ve been known as a guy that can put the ball in the basket, but I think now in these workouts I’m getting the opportunity to show that I can distribute the ball as well, so I think I can be a great distributor.

Justin Hamilton (Louisiana State guard)
** 13th workout; two to go
** Would the Jazz be a good fit? If I landed with the Jazz, I think it’d be a great thing. I’d actually be able to play in front of some friends and family for once, so it’d be a good thing…I’m from Alpine…I remember coming and watching Coach Hornacek when they were $5 tickets, sitting in the nosebleeds when I was little. It was a lot of fun.
** What would you bring to the Jazz? I think [I’m] kind of a complete player. I can pass, I’m a smart player, I can shoot, I can use my mismatches really well if I have the larger guy or smaller guy on me. Just being a smart player and play hard defense.
** NBA comparison: I’ve drawn a little comparison with Spencer Hawes from Philadelphia, little bit, but I feel like I have a lot of different ways, different game, with a lot of different people.

Casper Ware (Long Beach St. guard)
** What would you bring to an NBA team? I can score the ball. I can shoot the ball well, and another thing I can do is defense. I play defense really well. I can just be a pest on defense and cause turnovers and stuff like that.
** What do you know about the Jazz? Good fit? Oh yeah, Stockton, Jeff Hornacek, Karl Malone. Bryon Russell, he went to my school, Long Beach State, so I wouldn’t mind coming here and following him. I think it’s a good place to play.

Also present: Negueba Samake (Malian center); Greg Somogyi (UCSB center); Tomislav Zubcic (Croatian forward); Travis Hyman (Bowie State center); Paul Lacombe (French guard); Josh Magette (Alabama-Huntsville guard); Greg Mangano (Yale forward); Terrell Stoglin (Maryland point guard); and Wesley Witherspoon (Memphis forward).

Walt Perrin
** What characteristics are you looking for in a guy when you’re picking 47th? I think the characteristics that we look at at a second round pick are basically the same ones we look at as a first round pick. How hard do they play. How hard are they willing to work on their game to improve. How smart of a player are they. The physical attributes on what they look like. Is their jump shot good, or broken? Will he become a good shooter? Will he fight defensively to get into guys and come around screens?
** Did you work out Paul Millsap? If I remember right–don’t quote me–I don’t think he came in. I tried, just like this year, tried to get guys in, and of course their agents think that they are late first/early second. And if I remember right, Paul was projected to be a late first/early second, so he wouldn’t come in here. For some reason, he was bypassed, and we’re thankful for that.
** Is the number of guards that you’re working out an indication of anything? No, not at all. You gotta have guards to run a workout…just to be able to pass the ball.

Tyrone Corbin
** With the young guys, big guys we have, it’s good to see some more young guys with talent to get a good look at.
** Are you looking for a backup point? That’s what we have an opportunity to look at at No. 47, what’s left or what’s maybe available when we get a chance to pick.

Kevin O’Connor
** What are you looking for in a backup point guard if that’s the route you’re going? Somebody that can play in the league, that can help us win, that gives us some minutes and that kind of stuff if that’s the case.
** Scorer or distributor? I think we’ve always had pretty good success with distributors, but the way the league is going now and the fact that defensively, you really can’t touch a guy out front, then you’ve got to be able to get the ball to the rim and score some points ’cause you know the other guy’s gonna score.
** Is anyone untouchable? I’m not sure anybody’s untouchable…for the last two or three years, we’ve turned the team over basically. I think Paul [Millsap]’s the only one left from four years ago, so we’ve done a pretty good job of turning the team over already…So I think we’d like to see what we’ve got and who we are a little bit, but that doesn’t mean we won’t try and improve the team.
** Is it a priority to get a young point guard to grow with the young core? No. No. No. Not at all. Not at all. I think for half the season last year, Devin [Harris] showed he could do what he needed to do to help us win games.

(Utah Jazz)

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