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Kyrylo Fesenko – Exit Interview with the Indiana Pacers

June 8, 2012



** Basically, I was only here for 17 minutes, but it felt like a lifetime.

** on [Pacers President] Larry Bird: I’m still getting shivers around him.

** [So you feel like this team accepted you pretty well when you got here?] Well, they got no choice. I’m really great guy. I’m really likeable person.

** I saw that [Pacers Coach] Frank [Vogel] felt a little bit uncomfortable when he realized that I’m not getting a lot of game time, and I think I helped him by just saying that I’m a grown man. I’m mature enough to understand the change, the course of the game, it’s not worth it in the Playoffs. And, well, Orlando without Dwight [Howard], that means Pacers without Fes. And then Chris Bosh decided to jump on that train. I just feel like I’m being cheated (laughs).

** Thanks to the guys, I have plan for the summer. Look how awesome it is. It’s not a CD! It’s a flash drive! Yeah!

I miss Fes!

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  1. SurlyMae permalink
    June 8, 2012 12:08 pm



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