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Breaking: Jazz players are not homeless

June 1, 2012
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During 1280’s weekly interview with Jazz President Randy Rigby, Rigby was asked how many Jazz players live in Utah year-round.

Short answer: Zero. This is how Rigby expressed “zero”:

I will say this: All of these players, even when they come and some of them have put kind of roots down here more, they still, because of them coming from all over the country or all over internationally, they still have a lot of family members that even though they may put roots down here, they have parents that are living somewhere else or both nationally or internationally. So the off-season is a time when they’re also trying to reconnect with also their family members.

So even though they might have, this is home base, Paul Millsap I know has moved here. His mother is here, but they have a lot of family, and so they still, I see them spending a lot of time still getting out and about visiting.

We put a big emphasis on them also getting down to Santa Barbara and working with our strength and conditioning and our human performance people. So they’re going to do that. We’ve got them going out, we’re going out to Orlando to do Summer League, so a lot of times they’re all over the place in some of the things that they’re doing.

That, you know, I think, we’re an international world now, and it’s so easy and with the money that they’re making, travel becomes very easy for them to get around. So I think that has something to play into it. Having said that, we do like and I would love to see, continue to see more of our players putting the roots down here in this community because the community gives a lot and it supports these guys and I like them being a part of the community that is supporting them.

But I know, Gordon Hayward has a home here but I know he goes back with his family some. His family’s looking at maybe moving out here and being more involved here. I know Ronnie Price, when he was on our team, had a home here, has family connection here with his wife. I mentioned Millsap. [Al] Jefferson has a home here.

Most of our players now have homes here, but they also have homes maybe back where their relatives are also located. So it’s kind of a multi-dwelling kind of situation, but they’re spending a lot of time here, and a lot of time at our practice thing and working out and so it’s, I don’t know that I’ve totally answered the question, but they’re kind of hit-and-miss with it. (1280)

There you have it, y’all. Confirmed by the Utah Jazz: Jazz players are not homeless when they are in Utah.

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  1. modernagejazz permalink
    June 1, 2012 10:36 pm

    Lol, as a PR director, Randy makes for a great CEO.


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