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Off-Day Spurs-Themed Quotage

April 28, 2012
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** Gordon Hayward: [Manu Ginobili]’s one of the reasons why I picked No. 20. He’s definitely a guy that I looked up to and tried to emulate some of his game to mine. (4)

** Al Jefferson: I just love playing against [Tim Duncan], because every time I play against him, I learn something from him…I used to watch film on him a lot, especially when I was in Minnesota. I used to watch all his games and film on him just to see how he pass out the double team.

I remember one time, I played against the Celtics, and the Celtics were double-teaming me every time I touched the ball. But when I watched them play against Tim Duncan, they let him play one-on-one, and I just never understood why they did it like that. The reason why ’cause Tim Duncan’s a great passer. He know how to get his teammates involved. So that’s when I knew then I had to work on my passing game. (4)

** Spurs beat writer Mike Monroe: [Gregg Popovich] has always joked that when Tim [Duncan] retires, he’s retiring, but I don’t think that’s the case any longer. Pop is 63. Jerry Sloan was and remains one of his role models, and Jerry went beyond 63. (2)

** Tyrone Corbin: [Gregg Popovich] has such a great feel for where his team is. Look at this year, the way that he rested guys and they’ve still won games and were able to come back and not miss a beat because they’ve been out of the lineup. (2)

Again: Millsap sits out the last game; everyone in the Jazz organization suddenly changes their tune about resting guys. SMH.

** Corbin on Playoff scheduling: It is what it is. (2)

(2) KFAN
(4) LOJ

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