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Practice Odds and Ends

April 19, 2012

Listening to audio from practice, I was struck by the sheer number of overlapping comments on the wet willy. This will help y’all keep it all straight:

** DeMarre Carroll: I wish I could wear a headband so my hair can go everywhere but I really can’t do it. That’s what I’m used to in college, my hair, to be playing so hard make me look like I’m playing even more hard. But you know, I’m just happy to be here. (2)

** Big Al: It’s the best team I ever been around, far as everybody get along. Everybody do things together…with this team, everybody like everybody. Everybody cool with everybody. I think that have a lot to do with our success. When things go bad, we stay together. (1)

** Enes Kanter on the wet willy: I was like I didn’t know what was going on. The crowd was just going crazy. It was weird. It was real weird. I was like, what is going on? What does it mean? (Trib)

** Gordon Hayward on being called a bitch-ass white boy: I didn’t hear anything. The crowd was already booing with the bump, so like I said I was kind of just walking away and getting out of there. He mumbled something, but I couldn’t hear. (3)

** Tyrone Corbin on the wet willy: It is what it is, whatever happen happen. (2)

** Josh Howard on Utah: First thing I thought about when I had my option of signing here was the crowd support. The fans have always been overwhelmingly great here…I knew the fans would always have our back through thick and thin. And then also knowing Devin Harris, Jamaal Tinsley, Al Jefferson and Paul Millsap. I knew those guys from previous battles and playing together. I knew those guys would always come to play…Far as me coming back, I would love to end my career here. Great place to live…real laidback city, and I’ve enjoyed every moment. (2)

** Raja Bell: I think Gordon knows what he’s doing…You’re the instigator sometimes. Sometimes you’re not. But you do just enough to get under somebody’s skin, then you play the whole “woe-is-me” when they lose their cool. You’ve won. If you can do that, that’s a crafty game you’re playing there. He’s better than I am at it. (1)

** DeMarre Carroll on Jamaal Tinsley and the vets: He just shoots you straight. Basically tell you, if you can do what you can do, go out there and do it. But if you can’t, stay within your role, and he just tell you to be a true professional….he always loud on the bench. You see him, he always standing up and coaching on the bench. That’s a leader, and he’s a vocal leader. Then you have them undercover leaders like Josh Howard and Raja, that pulls you off to the side and talks to you. (2)

Love the interaction between Big Al and Kanter:

Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines (UDQM)
** Big Al: It’s good to see everybody come together…Gordon, it’s just amazing to watch him grow right in front of my eyes.
** Big Al on the Playoffs: It’s big right now. It’s right here for me to grab, for us to grab. So we just gotta grab it and stay hungry for it.
** Kevin O’Connor on Tyrone Corbin: We screwed him last year…oh, believe me. Hey, hey. I walked into him, looked him right in the face, and said, “We screwed you twice.”
** Corbin on the wet willy: Different guys have different methods. His is a little different.
** Carroll on Kevin O’Connor: He let me know he been lovin’ me since college.

(1) KALL
(2) KFAN
(3) Utah Jazz

3 Comments leave one →
  1. SurlyMae permalink
    April 19, 2012 5:32 am

    Oooooh the second UDQM from Al is killing me. Freaking killing me.

    • April 19, 2012 8:32 am

      Me too! I wanted to tweet it by itself and tried and tried to make the quote + context fit in a tweet but couldn’t.

  2. Eric permalink
    April 19, 2012 8:41 am

    I’m confused at how someone could be friends with Delonte. Even before “the wet willy”, he always struck me as a gigantic tool.

    Loving Kanters face in that gif.


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