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Game 54 at POR: Jamaal is a Wizard

April 3, 2012

Al gives the best hugs on the team…and stupid Root Sports cut out from The Hug, Part 2 too soon.

The Jazz debuted a new defensive scheme tonight called “Stand There and Heave a Sigh.” It was not a success.

If Paul Millsap hadn’t ignited with his entire (and incredible) arsenal of ways to score, we’d be looking at our fourth loss in a row.

Giving credit where it’s due: Tyrone Corbin recognized the effectiveness-hinging-on-domination of the lineup of Al Jefferson, Derrick Favors, Millsap (at the 3), Gordon Hayward, and Jamaal MF’ing Tinsley, which closed the first half, and started them in the 2nd half. This lineup ran off something like a 20-1 run from the end of the 2nd quarter to the start of the 3rd.

Not giving credit where it’s not due: The Jazz likely would not have left Portland with a win had Tinsley not played, and Tinsley likely would not have seen a second of court time had Devin Harris not left the game in the first half with a sprained ankle and Corbin been forced to play him.

I love Jamaal. I love how steady and solid he is, I love how he runs the offense, I love how he’s this little guy and still posts people up, and I love his sneaky little streetball tricks. But here’s the thing. Yes, the Jazz gave him a chance (with an unguaranteed contract) when no one else would. Yes, his situation/history probably plays a role in how he conducts himself now.

Tinsley has, however, played his way (on the court) and conducted himself (off the court) back into the league. You can’t tell me some other team isn’t going to offer him (at least) a primary backup role with playing time that he won’t get on the Jazz. Which is sad to me, because on a night-to-night basis, I’d pick him of our three point guards to start.

You know what they say, though. It is what it is.

Courtesy of @da_breezman

** There was no post-game with Tyrone Corbin, so sadly we have no pearls of wisdom from him today.
** Paul Millsap on Jamaal Tinsley: He got great balance. He should be a ballet dancer.
** Al Jefferson on Tinsley: Man did 8 miles today on the treadmill. He just a true professional. He always stay ready. Did 8 miles on the treadmill today, came in ready to play.
** Big Al on Millsap: I did a terrible job on the offensive end tonight and Paul just really stepped up. Took advantage at the 3; they had a smaller guy on him. At the 4, he quicker than most 4s; he took advantage of it…played great D…that’s just who he is. (all KFAN)
** Jamaal on Millsap: P-Diddy, what can you say about him? The guy always getting his numbers any way he can get it. (DN)
(LOL, Jamaal calls Millsap “P-Diddy.”)

By request of @Mac_Jazz

Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines of the Night (UDQM)
** Brent Barry: Kanter loves to get physical and bang guys around.
** Booner: Watch Batum lean in and put his backside into him.
** Booner: I like Hayward going to the hole right here. (H/T @bjcseven)
** Thurl: The Jazz have enough to pull it out. They just gotta make some stops. (H/T @Mac_Jazz)
** Boler: Great heads-up. Head’s up, Big Al!

3 Comments leave one →
  1. modernagejazz permalink
    April 3, 2012 11:23 pm

    We all wondered about the Sap at 3 lineup since last season, he tries it for the first time in April!

  2. April 3, 2012 11:45 pm

    Scott Layden’s mouth opening in that last gif is hilarious. hahaha

  3. SurlyMae permalink
    April 4, 2012 12:37 am

    Yay Jazz win! I love how Tins starts grinning as the AJ hug approaches. Damn you ROOT Sports!


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