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Game 50 at NJN: We’re at 50 already? The season’s almost over…

March 27, 2012

The above gif combines two of my favorite Jazz things: early-oops and Enes Kanter’s bouncy Super Mario run.

As for the game, if ever there was a thing as a “whatever game” or a “joyless win,” this would be it.

** Wasn’t it just 24-36 hours ago when Tyrone Corbin announced that Jamaal Tinsley had been promoted to Point Guard #2 because he had earned it…which bothered Earl Watson so much that he seemed to react in an out-of-character way and said it was a shame the trade deadline was over?

So then how come Earl was again the #2 point guard while Jamaal only got in the game for the last 2:46?

** Didn’t Kevin O’Connor and Corbin both say that the Jazz signed DeMarre Carroll for insurance and that it was hard to get him playing time due to the dearth of practices in this compressed season?

So then how come he has leapfrogged Jeremy Evans in the rotation? Since Josh Howard and Raja Bell have become unavailable (due to surgery and mystery, respectively), Carroll has played nine to 19 minutes while Jeremy has logged two DNPs and two stints of around three minutes. Sucks to be Jeremy Evans. (Nothing against Carroll; I’m just curious.)

In Today’s Edition of “The Flirtatious Adventures of Matt and Boler”…
Harpring: Boler, I don’t know how fresh you are. I had to wake you up. Late wake-up call, 1:30. I know you didn’t get your 12 hours.
Boler: Yeah, I left a dent in the mattress.

Unintentional or intentional? For analysis, we turn to our resident expert, Spencer (@saltcityhoops):

There was also this:

Harpring on fan pictured above: Boler, I know that’s you in disguise. I’ve seen those moves before.
Boler: That purple jacket’s mine. Gotta go in the closet.

Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines of the Night (UDQM)
** Brian T. Smith on Jeremy Evans (H/T @ColYou):

** Harpring: The human body is not supposed to play 57 minutes a night and then play again the next night. It’s hard on the body.
** Boler: Did he get it off? Play on, they say.
** Harpring: That’s what Wallace can do. Inside two feet, he’s really, really good. You gotta keep him 10-12 feet out.
** Boler: The first one’s always the toughest. (H/T @dianaallen)
** Harpring: Not fresh legs. Millsap should’ve at least given me a two-hander there.
** Harpring on Burks: A lot of players can play with the ball but they can’t play without it.
** Boler on Burks: He’s got a little Houdini in him.
** Boler: Tinsley keeps that ball so low to the ground, barely gets it above his knee.
** Boler on Tinsley’s nutmegging move: Boy, if you open up the legs, he’ll throw it right between you and come back. (H/T @nathang5000 and @JazzmanJoey)
** Steve Luhm (H/T @allthatamar):

** Finally, @Mac_Jazz with the deliberately-worded UDQ, which I guess makes it an IDQ:

Earl and Crash image from AP.

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