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Game 49 at ATL: You can’t put a price on entertainment

March 26, 2012

Basketball-wise, this was not a very good game. The bi-polar girlfriend Jazz (as Basketbawful used to call us) we all thought we’d already broken up with reappeared out of nowhere, and there were long stretches that were hard to watch.

The overtimes, however, were pure entertainment due to Tyrone Corbin’s lack of substitutions. I can understand his rationale, but the starters were clearly running on empty and looked like if they fell down they wouldn’t be able to get back up. (Al said after the game that he was suffering from leg cramps down the stretch.)

Even so, Corbin, with his blank stare face on, doggedly sent the same lineup out, overtime after overtime after overtime. Can’t explain it, but it just became vastly amusing (possibly to Jeff Hornacek, above, as well) to see Al, Paul, Devin, CJ, and Gordon–as one–be trotted on and off the court at every horn. Call me a bad fan if you want, but at some point I just wanted MOAR OVERTIMES! to see what Corbin would do.

Except for Jamaal coming in for the final four seconds of 3OT, it was was all starters, all the time. It wasn’t until 4OT that Corbin’s hand was forced due to Al, Paul, and CJ all fouling out.

You know what else was pure entertainment? Enes Kanter’s reactions on the sidelines. Love his Leaning Tower of Enes routine whenever a big shot is in the air:

Yes, we lost the game. But we’ll always have this:

Clockwise from top left: potential game winner at the end of regulation; potential game winner at the end of 1OT; potential game winner at the end of 2OT (please also note Derrick Favors’ hilarious eye roll); potential game winner at the end of 3OT

** Tyrone Corbin on keeping the starters in: It was just, they were in the game. It’s tough to come in in those situations after being out to be ready to go, and I thought they were fresh enough and [the Hawks] have played a couple games in a row, so I felt good about the rotations we had on the floor. (post-game show)
** Paul Millsap, post-game: We gonna take a moral victory out of this one.
** Joe Johnson: I was so happy when [Al and Paul] fouled out, man, you wouldn’t even believe it. (AP)

Unintentional (I think) Dirty Photo of the Night:

Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines of the Night (UDQM)
** [Matt Harpring Georgia Tech highlights on the broadcast]
Boler: Inside, look at that play. You draw the double and you put it right up and in.
Harpring: I would love to post you up one day. I want to put you in a little mousetrap down there.
Boler: Let’s do that.
Harpring: That’ll be nice.
[The two break off their flirtation for about two seconds and it seems like they’re going to go back to calling the game, but Boler starts it up again.]
Boler: I’ll put on the knee sleeves. I’ll bang you around, Matt.
Harpring: See where the real men hang out.

Guest commentary: Spencer of Salt City Hoops feels that the above exchange was just plain #DQM rather than #UDQM, as it did not seem unintentional at all.

See/hear it here:


** Harpring: CJ’s gotta find a way to get going.
** Boler: Ty Corbin is up, and he’s barking loud.
** Boler on Larry Drew calling timeout: 49 seconds in, that’s quick.
** Boler on Sap: He came from out of bounds.
** Boler on Burks: Oh man! Young man knows how to play down low.
** Boler: Pachulia’s been banging on Big Al all night. He bangs inside for his 20th point.
** Harpring on Al: That one didn’t slip out. That’s his go-to move. He has the touch.
** Boler: It’s a game of inches.
** Harpring: When you get in the shower, you gotta let it go.

Jamaal being groped image from Getty.

3 Comments leave one →
  1. moviefreakz permalink
    March 26, 2012 10:11 pm

    favors body language concerns me a lot
    kanter at least showed emotion and investment to the team’s victory

    i rlly hope it’s because favors is just a quiet guy, not some player who’s thinking of the jazz as stopgap till he hits payday and can choose any team he wants

  2. SurlyMae permalink
    March 27, 2012 12:48 am

    Favors also has a mini eye roll in the regulation one. Or kind of like an exasperated “Are you sh!tting me?!” sort of look.

  3. Jen Babs permalink
    March 27, 2012 10:29 am

    I love watching Kanter and Watson! This game was so hard to lose!


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