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Game 44 vs. GSW: Derrick Favors is a sexy, sexy beast

March 18, 2012

Congratulations to Eric, Sean, and dw for correctly identifying Enes Kanter’s ass as the ass in “Guess The Ass.” Give yourselves a pat on the back(side)!

There were many good stretches and great plays leading up to this beastly Derrick Favors jam. It didn’t necessarily show up in the box score, but Jamaal Tinsley was again masterful at running the Jazz offense. Enes Kanter was a monster on the boards (13 in 20 minutes). Gordon Hayward simply shined (and I’m not just talking about the unparalleled pastyness of his skin) the entire game doing it all, and Paul Millsap never stopped fighting for the win.

Favors’ dunk + free throw was the play that cemented the momentum that would carry the Jazz to the win, however. Starting in place of Big Al, Favors just got better and better as the game went along. By the end, a “young Karl Malone” aura was shimmering around him. 23 points (9-9 on FTs) and 17 boards in 34 minutes? Be still, my beating heart.

Tweet of the Night:

And the good times continued as the final buzzer sounded and the confetti poured down on Mark Jackson (see link in sidebar for why we hate him if you don’t know). The wonderfulness of Mark Jackass walking off the ESA floor in failure, via @prodigyJF:


(Here’s another version of this video with a Sad Charlie Brown soundtrack from @5kl.)

** [17 boards tonight. If it was a loose ball tonight, you were getting it.] Derrick Favors: You’re damn right I was. (2)
** Favors on Big Al, post-game: I know he down there in Mississippi saying, “Way to hold me down.” (3)
** Favors, post-game: Me, Gordon, Alec, Enes, Jeremy, we all gotta seize the opportunity we get, because we might not get it again. (3)
** Gordon Hayward (yesterday): I think I went to a signing when [Jamaal] played for the Pacers. I think I was in junior high and I went to a signing with the team and he was behind the table signing, and I was just a fan. (2)

Random Stuff, etc.
** Fun tweets from @DJJazzyJody:

Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines of the Night (UDQM)
** Boler/Harpring: Favors has been working his ass off recently. Busting it on both ends. (H/T @bjcseven)
** Boler: Hayward has the ball slapped away.
** Harpring: I don’t think he got it off. The question is, did the ball release from his hands when that red light went off? Boler: I think it’s off the palm.
** Boler: Dorrell Wright gave it up.
** Boler on Tinsley: Right to left hand, slips inside.
** Boler: Lee goes back inside, uses the left hand!
** Harpring: David Lee is going both ways, left and right hand. (H/T @bjcseven)
** Harpring: This is a Golden State team that likes to push the tempo, speed up their shot.
** Harpring on guys diving on the floor: That got my blood flowing. (H/T @bjcseven)
** Boler: Millsap with a rough night but he keeps pounding away. (H/T @RxMike12)
** Harpring: There is contact all over the court right now. Hayward touches Robinson.
** Corbin, post-game: We don’t wanna always wait until we get ourselves in a hole to push up.
** Corbin, post-game: We did a great job of getting up on guys, sliding the feet, making that extra effort to stay in between guys. (H/T @Mac_Jazz)
** Hayward, post-game: I’m just proud that we pulled it out.

(2) KFAN
(3) Utah Jazz
Favors pic from The Trib.

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  1. SurlyMae permalink
    March 19, 2012 12:01 am

    The blog looks different! Looks good.
    Wright says he bets you can find a Karl Malone pic of him looking almost just like Derrick Favors up there.
    Great post, yay Jazz!


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