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Al Jefferson tells a great story about his grandma

March 14, 2012

Background: His grandmother watched every one of his games on League Pass.

My mom was like a big sister to me. She’s kind of like the older sister. When it came down to discipline and all that stuff, my grandmother handled that job, even to this day.

I remember when I got the DUI, I told the reporters that I don’t care what the league do to me. I don’t care [about the] money they take from me. Only thing I’m afraid of, my grandmother…

When she found out about the DUI was when we played Dallas and I was suspended and she wondered why I wasn’t playing. Even like a month after the season I didn’t go home ’cause I afraid. And I called her and she told me I could come on home [but] “Don’t do it no more” … She forgave me for that and told me “Don’t never do it again.”

I didn’t really care about nothing else. Only thing I was afraid of when I went to jail was my grandmother finding out. My mom, everybody [else was] like, “I’m not gonna tell her.” Nobody want to tell her. So she had to find out through watching the game. (KFAN)

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