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Game 40 at CHI: Back to 11th in the West

March 11, 2012

** Kyle, Carlos, and Ronnie B all started and combined for 64 points on 27-44 shooting, 20 rebounds and 11 assists.

** Jamaal Tinsley was only 3-11 from the floor, but he had 10 assists in 23 minutes.

** I would like to, for once, hear a post-game after a loss in which Tyrone Corbin does not talk about it being a back-to-back or the Jazz being tired.

** For those of you wondering why Enes Kanter only got 7 minutes of playing time, it’s because he’s still acclimating to life in America.

Wild Speculation, etc.
“Internal matters.”

That’s the term used by the Jazz to explain Raja Bell’s absence at this game. The team offered no further details, and Ty wouldn’t talk about it during media availability.

So it’s pretty interesting that Boler referred to Raja’s absence as his “departure” in the post-game. Paul Millsap’s response to Boler’s question on the effect of Raja’s departure on the team:

We can’t let it affect us. He, he is a teammate of ours, but we gotta move on. We got a job to do. We gotta get out there and play basketball, regardless of what’s going on, and we’ll get through it.

Per @SurlyMae, when the post-game cut back to the studio, Thurl Bailey said, “They’ll always think of him as a teammate.”

Tinsley, post-game: Certain things we can’t get into as players. Only thing we can worry about is who in the locker room now. As a teammate, we wish the best for Raja, and we gotta worry about what’s going on in this locker room.

Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines of the Night (UDQM)
** Harpring: Boozer goes left. You want to make him go to his right hand.
** Boler on Korver: He knows he’s a streak shooter, it comes and goes.
** Boler: Hayward two-hands it.
** Harpring on CJ: Sometimes you need to get hit a little bit to get going.
** Harpring on Rose: He’s got another eye somewhere I can’t see.
** Boler on Bulls fans: Scalabrine touches the ball and they come out of their seat.

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