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Game 39 at PHI: “It is what it is, we just couldn’t make shots”

March 10, 2012

Here’s your tweet of the night:

And because this game was so bleh, let’s talk about this video taken by some Jazz fan(s) of the team arriving somewhere in Philly (via @5kl):

We’ve read about Big Al hazing Enes Kanter (stemming from a comment made by Kanter about how he doesn’t feel like a rookie anymore) over the past few days, and now we get to see it in action:

(Incidentally, anyone else find it hilarious that Enes tried to bribe the vets to get out of wearing the pink backpack?)

Below, we have:

1) Raja Bell. There’s a reason why he’s known as the Fashion Maven of the Utah Jazz. All the other Jazzmen are wearing their standard issue team sweats, but not Raja. And I have to say, he has a way of making whatever he’s wearing look good.

2) Alec Burks. He is a much smaller human being than Enes Kanter, and therefore can get the backpack on and therefore has to wear it. If you watch the video, you see him skipping past possibly to avoid being saddled with the vets’ luggage.

That was way more interesting than a recap of this game, right?

Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines of the Night (UDQM)
** Boler to Harpring: You work extra hard at night making sure that doesn’t happen.
** Boler: Thaddeus Young, working it inside.
** Harpring: Hayward having a little trouble hanging onto the ball right now.
** Harpring: They are so active, they get their hands on a lot of balls. (H/T @bjcseven)
** Boler: Harris fires and hits Millsap in the face.
** Boler: Favors goes strong inside, bounces off the rim. Harpring: You’d like to see Favors finish on the first try, but he does stay with it.
** Big Al, post-game: Just gotta put it behind us and get ready for the big one tomorrow night.
** Corbin on the 76ers, post-game: They just got tighter and tighter and it was difficult for the guys inside.

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