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Game 38 at CHA: Back at .500

March 8, 2012

Happy face: Big Al again (co)-led the team in assists with five. Love it.

One-eyebrow-raised face: Charlotte is *literally* the worst team in the league. They only got their fifth win of the season one night ago and were 3-13 at home going into this game. We had a 20-point lead and ended up winning by six…after getting outscored 29-19 in the 4th.

Disgruntled face: Alec Burks, 8 minutes. Enes Kanter, 15 minutes. Derrick Favors, 18 minutes. Jeremy Evans: 62 seconds.

Different night, same old tune.

Random Stuff, etc.
** The Bobcats have to be the first team in NBA history featuring a starting lineup with two DJs. Apart from these two DJs (Augustin and White), this game also featured AJ (Big Al), BJ (Mullens), CJ (Miles), and EJ (Earl Watson; “EJ” is his nickname and is tattooed on his arm). And, as pointed out by @chang_max, an owner named MJ.

You’re welcome for this unparalleled and life-changing analysis.

** Here’s a look at DeMarre Carroll’s sartorial style. Because if we didn’t look at that, we’d never get a look at him at all.

** What was more interesting than the game? Rookie hazing hijinks during shootaround:

Bitter Ross also weighed in:

Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines of the Night (UDQM)
** Harpring: I know you got a few skeletons in the closet, but I’m an open book. Boler: Oh no, my closet. I’ll give you the key. You can look inside and shut it tight. Harpring: Who’s got a key to the closet?
** Boler: Hayward cannot grab the handle.
** Boler: Wow. I mean, that is deep. Mullens.
** Boler on Hayward’s fall: Ooooh, that’s back on wood.
** Boler: Last night he stroked it well. (H/T @RxMike12)
** Harpring: When you’re on the road, you gotta finish ’em.
** Thurl: I think the Jazz are pretty much in control. They’ll pull it out.
** Millsap, post-game: [We’re] Just pounding the ball. It’s not particularly from the bigs. The guards are getting down there to penetrate. Devin making things happen down there. So it’s a team effort.

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