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Game 35 vs. MIA: Sundiata. Millsap. Haslem.

March 3, 2012

These are the moments I love.

Earl Watson, being an awesome leader and teammate.

Devin Harris, fired up and showing emotion.

Earl Watson racing across the court at the final buzzer, and Devin Harris jumping into his arms.

There was so much to love about this night. It felt like every Jazzman that got on the floor was at the top of his game. Enes Kanter’s ridiculous circus and hook shots…and outscoring the Heat bench all on his own. Earl’s between-the-legs passes. CJ Miles (who doubled the output of the Heat bench) alley-ooping to Derrick Favors and Favors throwing it down. Big Al Jefferson hitting the Weezy. Paul Millsap playing through pain.

Everybody going after boards, especially Josh Howard who collected nine. Devin Harris, taking the bull by the horns instead of letting the game happen. Gordon Hayward, doing a little of everything. Alec Burks, uniting Jazz fans everywhere in wanting to see him get minutes. All the guys, defending as a cohesive unit.

(Of course, our boys suffered through (allowed) a late-game meltdown, but at some point you (and by “you,” I mean “Jazz fans”) just have to accept that as a part of life.)

Next game is tonight at Dallas, so savor this :)

(Love how it looks like the Heat players on the floor have been Photoshopped in, but no, that’s really where they are.)

Random Stuff, etc.
** Matt Harpring yesterday: I kinda got, not reprimanded, but a little, I got told they can’t bring in sticks anymore. And then I was told the other day that now they can come in with 18-inch sticks. So that’s allowed. I was told, “You can’t keep telling people to bring in these heads on sticks. We can’t let people in. They make signs and we end up not letting them come in.” So it’s 18-inch.

(KFAN guy responds: Well, that’s a new push then. We don’t need sticks. Let’s just do it with the big heads. #UDQM) (2)

Guess this fan followed arena rules:

** Al Jefferson, post-game: I tell you one thing [Kanter] did tonight that I loved. He kept the ball up. He didn’t bring it down. That’s one thing I been getting on him about, is bringing that ball down. (1)
** Josh Howard, post-game: [How much more comfortable are you in the starting lineup? It’s cool. I always feel comfortable…just been able to adapt to it was real easy, but like I’ve always said, whatever Coach wants me to do, I’ll do it. So whenever Ra* comes back, if I’m on the bench, I’m on the bench. I still give it my 100 percent.

*Ha. Josh Howard calls Raja “Ra.”

Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines of the Night (UDQM)
** Hayward on guarding Lebron: You get in his way, make him do things he doesn’t want to do. Get him a little frustrated.
** Harpring: I think Hayward’s length is really gonna bother Wade. He just couldn’t get his hands on the ball.
** Harpring: It’s really important that Hayward get Lebron in the post and bang him, really wear him down.
** Harpring: You can’t allow players to get in the position they want.
** Boler: Rims out, tip no.
** Boler: Right between the legs. Burks with the nice finish.
** Harpring: You see the Heat. They’re bent over, they’re tired.
** Harpring: How about the one-hander from Big Al!
** Harpring: Lebron outmuscled Howard to get inside position.
** Harpring on James and Wade: They take turns tonight. One goes, the other rests. The other one goes, the other rests.
** Boler/Harpring (H/T @SurlyMae): When Harris penetrates past the free throw line, good things happen.
** Deron’s PA on Twitter (H/T @My_Lo): Man Matt harping is riding lebron

(1) KALL
(2) KFAN

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