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All-Star Friday Odds and Ends

February 25, 2012

One. Portrait and bipolar D-Fav:

Two. Earl Watson:

Going into the second half, two key guys who we have…to make sure they get going every night is Gordon [Hayward] and Derrick Favors. We have to have those guys going every night.

Gordon has to give us 10-16 points every night and we have to keep him involved so he can’t get lost out there. We have to find plays for him and find situations for him where he can get aggressive…

For Derrick, we have to get him some very good post possessions. Let him play, find him in transition, and just attack as a team on that second unit through him. So those are the two areas we need to focus on.

We have a chance to grow. Lot of teams is tapped out and you just realize they’re not gonna make the Playoffs. We’re not that team. We’re close. (KALL)

Three. Favors’ shoes:

(shoe pic via @jonrinehart)

Four. Stats:

Favors / 14 points (a perfect 5-5 from the floor and 4-4 from FT), 2 rebounds, 1 assist, and 3 steals in 15 minutes.

Hayward / 14 points, 3 rebounds, 2 assists, 1 steal, and 2 blocks in 18 minutes.

Five. Hayward and Favors Game Highlights, courtesy of @prodigyJF:

Six. Image:

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