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Game 25 vs. OKC: What’s another word for “Blerg”?

February 11, 2012

Utah Jazz, Quote Machines
** Raja Bell: [Looked like things were rolling. What happened?] They stopped rolling. (1)
** Paul Millsap: [What was it that they were doing that made it difficult for you guys inside tonight?] Nothing. (1)
** Paul Millsap: [What can the team do to turn things around as you head out on the road?] I don’t know. (1)
** Gordon Hayward: [What’s the biggest lesson to learn from this?] There are a lot of lessons to learn. (1)
** Ty Corbin: The kid in New York got hot on us, but he’s hot on everybody right now. (via @sluhm)

** Ty Corbin over the course of two minutes:
–We missed shots…we missed some shots…we just missed shots.
–The biggest difference, they shot 32 free throws to our 13…they got a lot of free throws…a lot of free throws, it’s interesting. The fouls were close, but the free throw attempts were a large difference between the two, so I think that was the big difference in the ball game.
–We didn’t get a lot of calls to make shots, but…we just didn’t make shots.
–I don’t care to make a comment on what the referees doing. We want to play how we want to play. We gotta adjust to the way they calling the game, but we just didn’t get any free throws tonight.
–We gotta make shots, we gotta get to the free throw line. (1)

Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines of the Night (UDQM)
** @SurlyMae and @DianaAllen:

** Ty on Westbrook, shootaround: He’s relentless. He will continue to come.
** Hayward on Durant, shootaround: You gotta make sure you stay up into him and be aggressive with him.
** ESPN announcer on Harden: He can finish himself. (H/T @SurlyMae with thanks to @shandonfan)
** A different kind of dirty: Westbrook just glides into that deuce. (H/T @Lord_Chadeous)
** Ty on Millsap, post-game: I thought he went in there pretty hard and didn’t get anything out of it. Just gotta keep plugging at it.

It was the one-year anniversary of Jerry Sloan’s resignation. Sad-making ESPN CG shown during the game:


(1) KALL
Earl Watson photo from the Trib.

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