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Game 20 vs. LAC: The one in which the ZOMG Clippers!!! played some team

February 2, 2012

** Noooooooooooooooooo not Earl!!! Injury gods, you leave him alone!!!
** Free throws, Y U NO like Utah Jazz?
** Jeremy Evans. Minutes Played: 0:01. (That’s not one minute. That’s one second. The last second of the game.) Ty Corbin, Y U NO #LetJeremyDunk?
** A number of Jazz players played like their sole focus was not getting posterized.
** Big Al was as on his game offensively as he’s ever been in the first half. Second half, not so much. 4 assists, though, deserve mention.
** Good job EnergySolutions Arena on not booing Mo Williams when he was introduced and/or every time he touched the ball.
** I would say Chris Paul whines more than a little girl, but that would be insulting to little girls.
** National games and late tip-offs, you blow like no other…
** …except maybe the the hell that will be February on the road if Earl’s injury is serious.

An amazing picture of Sweating Al from his non-Denzel side:

** Jeff Hornacek on Paul Millsap: What made him a great player for us in the past was his hustle, his defense, his knack for getting the rebound, his toughness. Last year, I thought he stepped backwards. To me, he looked like he just wanted to be an offensive player. He was scoring the ball pretty well, but I believe he forgot about what made him a great player. What’s impressed me about him this year is, he’s combined the two. So he’s not just a defensive player; he’s not just an offensive player. He’s that combination that can do it all, and that’s what’s impressed me. I think when you do that, a player steps up to the next level. (2)

** Gordon Hayward on the first tech of his life: It wasn’t even a good one. I didn’t get to yell at the ref or anything. (1)

The first half of this game was like an All-Star Game: all highlights and flashy buckets with no defense. The highlights went both ways. Now, if you’re in the mood for rewatching some of those highlights and head to, you can watch Clippers highlights from this game to your heart’s content:

Now in the mood for some Jazz highlights?

That’s right–there are none. Yay NBA! You rock!

Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines of the Night
** Big Al pre-game on his ankle: All the pounding and stuff I’m doing, of course it’s gonna hurt, but that’s why I gotta continue to stay on top of ’em.
** Thurl on CJ: He can hit it if he’s all by himself.
** Harpring on Blake: It’s like he’s half man, half pogo stick.
** Boler on Blake: He used Perkins to elevate the last three or four inches.
** Harpring: Hayward’s length is really causing Mo Williams problems.
** Ty Corbin, post-game: Al didn’t want to come out too soon.
** Devin Harris, post-game: We fought back, made a couple of guys go down.
** Jim Burton:

(1) KALL
(2) KFAN

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  1. Jim permalink
    February 3, 2012 6:52 am

    The Clippers highlights are pathetic – I am not a conspiracy theory sort of guy – but that is just ridiculous. The focus on certain teams and players and the expense everything else has got to come from Stern down. #downwithdavidstern


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